Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day Two, and I'm Diggin' It.

Just say "Aaah..." So far, the new boss and I are already seeing a working wavelength developing. Former colleague who hooked me up with this job mentioned that everyone says New Boss is looking more relaxed already. New Boss shows no signs of being defensive, territorial, or controlling (three things that would send me running for the door before my old job is filled). I questioned something today and he flat said, "I don't know either!" I said I'd find out how we're supposed to be doing it. I think we may have a good thing going here, and may be able to build a department our way. God knows they need my obsessive need to track, organize, and understand what the hell is going on. It will take months to get acclimated, but it will happen.

Oh, and apparently these people don't swear. I left a really, really sweary office, where "fuck" was conjugated in every possible way in nearly every conversation, by everyone on the executive team. I'm sort of missing the yelling, ranting and swearing; all this professionalism is intimidating! I'm feeling aware of my own Construction Field Guy Mouth, and of course I don't swear in this office. But I'm guessing the field guys would love me. ;-)

And I love my New Boss for what he said on my first day: "When you can spare the time, get out of the office and go visit a site. Be sure to track your mileage and submit an expense report." He wants me to know the jobs firsthand and get out there and meet people and "kick the dirt." I'm thinking this is going to work out just fine.

Audiobook of my commute: The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike) Delightful book! Quirky fun new detective series alert!


KatyaR said...

Sounds perfect--I'm so happy for you! Here's to happy work time....

Joan said...

Yay! I love Cormoran Strike too. The Silkworm is just as good, and J. K. Rowling has promised to write another half a dozen or so!