Sunday, September 14, 2014

Disney Girl

Yesterday was a success. The Frozen Sing-Along Celebration was a near-religious experience for one little fan. She was fairly swept away by seeing her heroes on stage, and called and waved to them: "Hi Anna!" "It's Kristoff! Hi, Kristoff!" Mostly she just sat very still on Grandma's lap, taking it all in. (The specks you see in the photo are the "snowflakes" that fell during part of the show.) She didn't sing along, but did treat us to a solo of "For the First Time in Forever," later.

It was HOT. It's the middle of September but the heat hasn't backed off in the least; it was in the low 90s and the sun would fry the hide off a rhino. Sunscreen and water were used liberally, but I was walking around with sweat dripping from the ends of my hair, running down my face, stinging my eyes. While her parents rode the roller coaster and the Tower of Terror, Grandma and Miss D took an ice cream break. Grandma had a few bites, mindful of her not-so-dairy-tolerant mostly plant based digestive system, so Miss D polished off most of the huge dish of hand-churned vanilla, with many comments about how it was "So delicious!"

(We didn't take a ton of pictures; it was SO hot and we were all so sweaty, red-faced and rumpled, nobody needed to capture this for posterity. God, it was so hot.)

The Fast Pass system is the greatest thing since sliced bread. No waiting in lines! But the biggest disappointment of the day was the Disney Junior Show. It does NOT look like the photos on the website, and the "live" part is actually a weirdly performed puppet show (with one very perky human performer who opens and moves the story along) The stage is elevated and the kids sit on the floor, so all they could see of most of it was the puppets' heads. Delaney of course wanted to stand to get a better look, but a Perky Disney Staffer had to keep telling the kids to sit down so they didn't block the views of the kids behind them, who also could see nothing but the puppets' heads. It did have some interactive moments, and at various times "gold doubloons," bubbles and confetti rained down from above, which of course was a big hit with the preschooler crowd, but Grandma and Miss D's parents pronounced the show disappointing. Delaney liked it more than we did, but I'm very glad we didn't stand in line for an hour for it. My advice: skip the show and do the character meet-and-greet; it was more fun. Delaney got to exchange high fives with Sophia the First and hug Jake (of the Neverland Pirates).

After the roller coasters and a pricey but generous late lunch, we decided to skip on over to Epcot. First stop was a ride on Spaceship Earth, which Mommy and Grandma remember riding many times when she was small. (My daughter freely admits she's re-living all of her Disney childhood memories through her own child.)

My son-in-law had never been on it, and was convinced Delaney wouldn't enjoy it much, but she sat on my lap and watched everything with interest, and particularly loved the moment when the car turns and the view is of a brilliant image of the earth, floating in the starry sky. She announced, "It's the earth!" and kept craning her neck to keep it in view. The end of the ride has been changed over the years, and now is actually pretty goofy and cartoonish, but she enjoyed the interactive screen in the vehicle and thought it was fun. She also enjoyed the boat ride in the Mexico pavilion - she's a big Dora the Explorer fan, so yay, Mexico!

She lasted the entire day, with nary a tear or moment of grumpiness, which is more than I can say for her father and grandmother. I was hot and exhausted and over it by 5 p.m. (we'd started the day at 9). By the time we'd slogged back to the car, I was fantasizing about the pitcher of cold water waiting in the fridge. Two huge glasses of water and a lukewarm shower later, I felt human again. I can't wait to go to the Magic Kingdom!

Tomorrow I begin the new job, a new adventure, and a new schedule. I'll leave bright and early, and see how long the drive takes under actual morning traffic conditions. I have an audiobook ready to go.


Caroline aka FiberTribe said...

I hope your first day is full of great new people and a preview of engaging and manageable work. go,Catherine!

Joan said...

Me too! Glad Miss D loved her Disney Day so much.

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