Friday, September 12, 2014


Today was sweet, not sad. My now former boss was warm, gracious, and told me that the doors are always open and we will stay in touch. I will be invited back for the groundbreaking on the flagship project (whenever the hell that happens), etc. There was a lot of hugging and kind words exchanged all around. Meanwhile, my former co-worker at my new employer is happy that I'm joining them, and says I'm just what the land department needs. I think he's right.

I'm not regretting leaving the job - it really wasn't my forte, and my true skill set wasn't getting used much. My (former) boss kept telling me how I'd learned how great I am, and how I can do anything - and I laughed. Seriously, that has been the curse of my working life - whatever it is, I can master it. I hope that doesn't sound like bragging. It's more like being a really highly skilled janitor, no matter how massive the overflowing toilet, I am the one sent to wade in and fix it all. I may hate it like the fires of hell, but I can do it, and of course if you can do it, you get more, and more, and more shit. I think I'm old enough and secure enough to know that there is no benefit in mastering new skills that suck your soul dry. So I laughed at this praise and said, yeah, it's the bane of my existence. He got it.

I honestly did enjoy a lot of my crazy ass time at that job; I learned about an area of real estate funding I'd have been content to never know existed, and hope to forget in time to let the brain damage it caused heal.

I really will miss the people very much, and we will stay in touch. Loved the people, hated that corner of the business. I'm excited to be moving on, and I really think this will be a win-win of moving on to positive people and work I enjoy. The only downside is the commute, but I prefer to see it as peaceful audiobook listening time.

And tomorrow! Tomorrow, I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!! For the First Time in Forever.


Anonymous said...

HURRAY!!!! Have so much fun at Disney, and good luck on the fresh start.


Carolyn said...

Congratulations on finishing your last week, and best of luck with the new start! I know you will excel. I totally agree about learning stuff just for it to suck you dry. Been there as well, and I am glad you are making the change. I am also moving back to a discipline I know well in a little over a week and cannot wait.

Have a great time at Disney today.! You deserve some fun.