Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So, my job is making sure I have no regrets about leaving.

Today, my computer died. I spent the day running between a spare computer and my office, where, yanno, the phone and other useful things reside. It's like the Universe is sending me a sign: IT IS YOUR TIME TO GTFO! RUN! There were other signs, but too work specific for sharing. I have no regrets. I'll miss the people, but the job? I'm wondering how I lasted this long.

I'm exhausted. I could barely drag my ass out of bed this morning. I like a leisurely waking up time - walk dogs, drink coffee, peruse the news, and leave the house feeling reasonably un-rushed - and I normally get up before absolutely necessary. Not this morning. I woke up freaking exhausted, and kept snuggling down with Sophie (the best sleep aid ever, and no, she's not on the market), slapping the snooze button as needed. When I finally felt a twinge of "Oh shit, what time is it?" I discovered that I'd been slapping snooze for 45 minutes. I've never understood people who can pop out of bed 20 minutes before they have to leave for work. I'd be a menace on the road if I didn't have time for two cups of coffee and some gentle re-entry into alertness, and of course I'd look like something from a horror movie without sufficient grooming time. Tonight I swear I will be in bed with lights out at 9:30.


Brenda said...

Stop talking about me like that! I slapped that snooze button so many times this morning that I gave myself exactly 20 to shower, dress, and hit the road. I love the old Sinefeld joke about "When you buy an alarm clock with a snooze button, it should also come in an application for unemployment and a bottle of tequila."

Stephanie said...

There's a reason why I keep the alarm clock in the bathroom so I can't reach it to shut it up.

KatyaR said...

Congratulations on your next-to-last day! Enjoy your time at Disney!