Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Sorry for the delay....

I wanted to talk to my boss before updating again, so the story would have an ending.

But apparently there is no ending, at least in HIS mind, because my boss didn't get where he is by taking "no," (or "HELL NO", or "I QUIT"!) for an answer. He will do whatever he has to do to keep me, because I am PERFECT for my job. He got all serious and gushed compliments and flattery upon me, and said he was determined to keep me, and then proceeded to pitch me the benefits of staying.

He'd match the money. This shouldn't be about money! Money is not the most important thing, says he who has plenty of it, to the woman who is earning the salary she took home in 1996. Back before Christmas he told me that after the first of the year we'd "revisit my salary," as I was now doing a hell of a lot more than I was hired to do, including managing projects I was told I'd never have to mess with, for the salary I made in 1996. I felt all warm and fuzzy at Christmas, anticipating a change in circumstances with the new year. More money was not forthcoming, despite my many, many pointed references to this promise. He'd respond with a light joke and deflect me, and I just...made a mental note. That mental note pad got really fucking full.

I did my own analysis after receiving the other offer, and concluded that this job has two things going for it: I like the people, and the commute is short. In every other way, it is not where I want to be or what I want to be doing. The new job (which I officially accepted today) has a longer commute (but hey, audiobook time!) but is in every other way what I want to be doing, and I'm sure there are nice people there too.

I said this, tactfully but firmly, over and over, and he just kept on pitching, wooing me with flattery, promises of "In the second quarter...." Yeah, heard that too, just about this time last year. Glory and riches are always just around the corner! Finally, I was sent away to "make a list of pros and cons" and let him know my decision in the morning. I said I'd done that over the weekend and he had my decision. I'd put things in order so it wouldn't be chaos when I'm gone. He ignored that, and again advised me to make a list, and we'd talk again tomorrow.

I'm just shaking my head, laughing, because apparently his mission is to wear me down. He seems to think that if I have to quit every day for the next couple of weeks I will finally get tired of it and stay. So tomorrow I have to be firm, and ALSO let the rest of the management team know I'm leaving, so they can plan accordingly.

Because if we leave it to the boss, they'll be left in the dark. I won't be there on the 15th, and he'll say, "I had no idea! She just suddenly quit!"

This job truly has a sitcom atmosphere money can't buy - but I've reached the point where I can predict the story.


KatyaR said...

Good grief. It's a good thing you're smarter than the average bear or you'd be trapped there for life. I assume there's no HR person to help you get through this?

I've worked for people like this, and they just don't get it. You can't throw money at all your problems and get rid of them like that. Of course, they usually have the $$$ to get what they want.

Good on you for standing your ground. Won't you be glad when this is done with?

Anonymous said...

Good for going. I think you're pretty awesome, and not just because you are changing jobs.


Anonymous said...

good for you. mary in Cincinnati

Gae, in Callala Bay said...

Catherine, the silly sod has just realised that he would have to hire two people to come close to replacing you - giving you a raise looks cheap in that context.

Go for it!

Best wishes for the NEW job,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Joan said...

I hope he's not going to have a tantrum when he finally figures out the sunshine he's been blowing up your skirt ain't working anymore.