Monday, October 13, 2014

Going to Bed at 9. Possibly 8.

My weekend at the Magic Kingdom, a Petri Dish of All Things Small and Germy, appears to have given me a souvenir - I'm headachy and coughing, with a scratchy throat, and if I turn on the TV I may just pass out on the couch. I'm hoping I can sleep it off, because work is busy and oh yeah, because I just started this job I only have two sick days until the end of the year, so I have to save them for something more significant, like a burst appendix.

Anyway. The story of Disney Magic from Saturday night's fireworks. We weren't in the "best" place to watch, with Cinderella's Castle as our backdrop, because pottybreak at the restrooms behind the carousel (excuse me Miss D, Merry-Go-Round). The fireworks show was starting as we were regrouping outside the restrooms, so we stayed where we were to watch, and saw the coolest and most fun thing.

Disney has a massive army of custodial staff. In the Magic Kingdom they wear white uniforms and walk around with brooms and those stand-up janitoral dustpans with long handles, and obsessively sweep up every teeny bit of debris dropped by the thundering herds of guests. So, the fireworks were about to begin, and we noticed one of the custodians was just sort of standing near us, broom and dustpan nearby. He was very subtly, privately, dancing to the music, and singing softly under his breath. When the fireworks began, he became more animated, and he began to conduct the show, and enlisted a tween-ish girl to do it with him.

He was incredibly engaging, and truly a bit of "Disney Magic." He'd tell his young assistant, "Okay, now, turn around fast, they're coming from the left, ONE, TWO, THREE!" and he'd gesture at the sky like he was conducting an orchestra, right as the shooting star rockets erupted over Cinderella's Castle. It was so much fun to watch, and everyone around him enjoyed the fireworks even more with this young guy and his assistant putting on a small show to accompany it.

I'm pretty sure he was a faux-custodian performer, planted in the area. He was way too good-looking and knew the show too well to be a real sweeper guy. If he memorized the fireworks show while sweeping up candy wrappers, he's truly being wasted with that broom. I was swept up (hee!) in the moment, enchanted by him, but in the light of day, I think it was a bit of perfectly planted Disney Magic. And damn, it worked. It added just that little bit of magic to an already lovely evening.

And the fireworks were, of course, spectacular. And I, of course, Bad Blogger that I am, only snapped a couple of pictures because I was too busy enjoying myself.

And now, I am heading for the couch, where I may actually pass out. Dogs, you are on your own!


besshaile said...

Hope you're better today.

What fun. Every girl should have such a birthday.

Catherine said...

It was great. I was tired and didn't really tell the story of the fireworks guy very well. It was so natural, so organic, it wasn't a "performance." It was totally believable as "random street sweeper getting into the fun," but, well, he was too damn smart. He wasn't overacting at all, he just knew too much about the sequencing of the rockets. ;-)