Friday, October 10, 2014

It's Here! It's HERE!

The event of the year! This weekend, HRH Princess Delaney* turns THREE! (*It's a Disney thing. At Disney, all little girls are addressed as "Princess.")

Seriously, this weekend is going to be effing exhausting.

When all the birthday venues, up to and including local park pavilions, FFS (an at home party is not possible for space reasons) at every possible place that didn't involve bad pizza and migrane-inducing levels of noise were booked way in advance, my daughter decided to take this 3rd birthday in a different direction. We have seasonal passes, and we know how to use them.

They've booked an overnight stay at a discount, at one of the most modestly priced on property hotels. Tomorrow, they'll do the Magic Kingdom, and I'll join them late in the afternoon (after Herself hopefully has at least a brief nap at the hotel) for something I haven't seen in 20 years - the Main Street Electrical Parade. It really is delightful.

One of my favorite stories of Miss D's mother: The summer she was turning 3, we had Florida Resident passes to Disney. She was a huge Cinderella fan (the Pantheon of Princesses was much smaller then) and in the MSEP, Cinderella appears, waving to her fans, riding on a lighted coach. We HAD to see this, right??

So Miss D's mom also possessed a bladder the size of a peanut, or, actually, she'd figured out that announcing that she had to pee would get her out of whatever boring thing she was doing and involve a trip to a new and hopefully interestingly decorated restroom. So, we had staked out a spot RIGHT ON THE CURB, up close, where her idol would pass mere feet away, and the crowds grew around us. We sat and we sat, anticipation was building, and the parade was maybe ten minutes from starting, when, "I have to pee." "No, you don't." "Yes I do!" (wiggles to emphasize this). "No. If we get up now, you'll never see Cinderella." She considered this, and didn't mention needing to go to the bathroom again.

The parade began, and it was glorious, and both kids loved it - then, Cinderella's amazing coach approached us, and I wish I'd had a cell phone camera back in those days, because my daughter's little face just LIT UP with joy, rapture, excitement! I loved watching this moment, even if I was still a bit worried that she'd pee herself with excitement. She didn't. It was totally an "I'm bored," request to use the potty, but it caused a bit of anxiety on my part.

So Disney is doing the MSEP tomorrow night, followed by fireworks. I'm going to meet them at the Magic Kingdom for dinner, parade, and fireworks, and maybe a ride or two in between these things. Sunday, Miss D's actual birthday, she's going to be treated to a character breakfast, which will also mark the first time these poor Florida yokels will set foot in the elegance that is the Grand Floridian. We will of course be eating a buffet in the cheapest place to eat there, because we are Barely Middle Class Floridians. I've seen this place from the outside for many years, but never had a reason to visit, so I'll be joining the brunch party, followed by a few more hours in the park. It's going to be effing exhausting, but oh, so much fun!

And as I keep telling her mother - if you set the birthday bar this high for 3, what the hell will you do after this? Somebody needs to win the lottery.

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Carolyn said...

Go back to the Grand Floridian during the holidays to see the giant gingerbread house display. (Free entertainment - it is a sight to behold). Disney taken in small doses (possible with the passes) is so much better than cram sessions.