Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Updates: Few and Far Between.

I'm still adjusting to the job, the schedule, everything, but it's all good. I like the work and the people. The commute (when it isn't RAINING like the END of the WORLD) is not unbearable. After the newness wears off, I can see myself making a real place for myself in the department and the company. That's a good thing.

The commute is long yet easy. I roll steadily along a minor major road, there are traffic lights but not a ton of traffic, even at rush hour. An audiobook as company, and I'm fine with it. Tonight I drove home in sunshine, and it took forty minutes. Monday, I drove home in flooded streets, and it took an hour and twenty minutes, but it was a truly freakish, tropical storm level of rain, minus the wind. It was still not scary, and was bearable.

We have had some rain here. We broke the record for recorded days of rain in September, set in 1892, I think - or maybe 1894? A very long time ago. We had four days without measurable rain. FOUR. I could never move to London or Seattle, because the gray skies and endless dripping started messing with my mind, oh, around week THREE. I have driven home in some level of road flooding for two weeks now, and tonight's commute was downright pleasant. The sky, I think they call it? And there was this bright thing up there? Seriously, this was freak weather for Florida. We get epic rain in short, intense doses, bookended by blazing sun. A month of rain just ain't right.

But we are promised not only sunnier skies, but milder temperatures this weekend - Sunday's high will only be in the 70s, and it will be Open Windows Sleeping Weather at last!!! The dogs will reclaim the balcony for sunbathing, and the forecast is exciting! We have been sweltering in the mid to upper 90s for MONTHS now, and even low-mid-80s during the day sounds like heaven! And cool at night? We have survived another Florida summer - and this weekend I'm actually going to Epcot Food and Wine (as the locals call it). It has been happening every year for I don't know how long, but I've never done it. I'm excited!

We are going during the day, to let Delaney ride one of the last runs of Maelstrom, which is closing this weekend, to return as an adventure focused on the movie Frozen. I can understand that Epcot wants to become more kid-friendly. It really does have a rep, especially among locals, as the "old people park," where the best activity is drinking your way around the World Showcase. I'm still sad that Maelstrom is going to get "kid-ified." I'm sure Delaney will love the new ride when it opens, but her mom wants her to ride the one she grew up with before it goes away.

My daughter has strong nostalgic feelings for Maelstrom, so we had to make one last visit to say goodbye, and eat our way around the World Showcase.


Carolyn said...

First time at Food and Wine? You are in for a treat, my friend! We try to make it every year. I know you try to avoid meats, but my current favorite is the crispy pork belly with black beans and cilantro (can't remember the booth, but I think it is one of the South American ones) and the shrimp tacos. Lots of really good desserts as well.

Catherine said...

I don't eat meat if I can avoid it, and I haven't eaten pork in years - it was the first meat I couldn't bear to eat anymore. I'll eat a shrimp taco if I'm starving and it's in front of me, but I am actually more
intrigued by the vegetarian moussaka, and Scotland has a griddled vegetable cake with rutabaga and mashed potatoes that sounds so interesting, I want to try it!