Saturday, November 01, 2014

An Amazing Day - with small update

Yes, we went to Disney again, and yes, the sky really was this color. Not a cloud, kinda windy and cool, but SUCH a delightful change from the heat and humidity and sweating like I was doing yard work.  We had a blast. I'm tired, so this will be told in photos.

We watched a very enjoyable show on the stage outside Cinderella's castle. There were princesses AND pirates, and we all enjoyed it.

 We had a Fast Pass to ride It's a Small World but it was down at the time, and her parents were off riding Space Mountain. We were able to get on the Mad Tea Party (the famous teacups) without too long a wait.  She loves the teacups, and got it spinning quite fast.

The carousel (sorry, merry-go-round).  

Awkward selfie taken from two different horses.

Another selfie, this one in the boat of "It's a Small World," which was running again later. Her parents were doing the Haunted Mansion.  Miss D first said she wanted to do the Haunted Mansion too, (she did it before and it didn't freak her out) but decided she'd prefer those freaking singing dolls.  Oh well. Grandma will ride it next time, maybe.

Time to leave, and nobody's even sweating!  Miss D felt totally cheated after we got to the parking lot - she really expected to go on one more ride, and the last thing we did was the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, which is walking and climbing stairs, not a ride.  My daughter reports that she held a grudge all evening about this. We can't promise one last ride and substitute something lame like that treehouse. She doesn't forget. 

It's crazy chilly here. There will be a fire in the fireplace with morning coffee. Of course, this will not last; we'll be in the low-mid 80s again in a couple of days, but today was...aahhh, I needed this.

MORNING UPDATE:  Yesterday, Miss D was in tears in the parking lot when she realized we were really leaving and she didn't get to go on a last real ride. She was so deeply aggrieved, she turned her face away and wouldn't kiss me goodbye.  This morning my daughter sent me this text of what Miss D said this morning:
"We have to go on Peter Pan and the Jungle Cruise. We have to do more stuffs so I can give Grandma a hug and kiss when I go home."
 And yes, I'm a crazy enough grandma that I thought, "Aww! I can go pick her up and we can go back to Disney today!"  But I'm not quite THAT crazy. I have housework and grocery shopping and other responsible adult things to do, because alas, I am neither rich nor retired and the work week starts again tomorrow.  But...awww.



Gae, in Callala Bay said...

Our daughter (now a lovely 46 yo) would have been just as offended with that lame substitution and she was a real "Bush Lawyer", which has NOTHING to do with Dubbya, but the fact that she could argue the hind leg off a donkey. Well, she could TRY, and she had an endless supply of special clauses and sub-paragraphs. He daughter is now 7, and I can predict the future, she is just like her Mum.

What a lovely day, and what a gorgeous young lady Miss D is.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Both my granddaughters qualify as "bush lawyers" Gae! I swear Adelaide, the older granddaughter's, favorite phrase is "Hey, how about...?" She's been an expert and determined negotiator since she could speak in sentences. ;-)