Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another Weekend Flies By.

Damn. They are far too short, and the weeks are far too long.

Today, however, was practically perfect in every way. We drove up to Ocala to meet up with my son, daughter-in-law, and older granddaughter. In January she becomes the "eldest grandchild" as a third is added to the collection.

It was so great to see Supergirl again.

What a difference eight months makes in a four year old! She's so mature, so independent, she's ready to conquer the world.

The cousins had a great time playing together at a really lovely park in Ocala. My only gripe about Tuscawilla Park was a shortage of picnic tables. There were benches, and covered pavilions that can be rented for parties (and were in use) but no picnic tables near the terrific playground! It meant we didn't eat a real sit-down picnic, but neither girl really wanted to eat anyway. They ran, climbed, and played until they were red-faced from the heat (it was in the 80s again, and the sun was strong).

After over two hours of non-stop running, climbing, and chatter, Delaney started feeling poorly. She was sick earlier this week and still had a residual cough, but no runny nose and no fever. We now appear headed for a relapse. She curled up on Mommy's lap and didn't have the energy to play anymore.

Edited: I have to clarify that Supergirl took that photo, and her Aunt was smiling and posing for her. The candid one taken a few minutes before looked like this:

We took that as our cue to call it a day. Hugs and goodbyes, and they took off for the wintery mountains, while we headed south toward home. And tomorrow the work week begins again. Sigh.

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besshaile said...

Yeah - its' true. Weekends need to be 5 days and werk weeks need to be 2. sigh.

Beautiful grands.