Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blogging in Bed with Coffee

This could become a habit - why didn't I think of it years ago?

Actually, as I was writing that sentence I realized that I couldn't have done it years ago, not when Alarm Clock Murphy would pop awake at 5, agitating to get on with the day. We had to get up, get out, go for walks, GO GO GO! He has turned into a very old dog so gradually, it felt natural. It's only when I think about how he used to be that I see the dramatic changes, and it makes me sad.

He's such a fragile little thing now. A friend stopped by for a minute yesterday. Murphy loves her and always ran to greet her, but yesterday he was sound asleep in his little bed in the living room. She had to touch him to get his attention, and then he woke up a bit confused. After he figured out what was going on, of course, he was still delighted to see her, but it took a bit for the synapses to start firing. He's mostly in his own little world now, but it seems to be a pleasant little world. But it's a very different world from his days as the Bossy Little Dog, Far from Large but Still in Charge, and that is a reminder to me that I'm older, too.

The Bossy One and I have both gotten old during the existence of this blog. Such a weird thought. Somehow in my own mind I'm still around 40. I have to stop and remind myself that my kids are in their 30s, and I'm about to become a grandmother for the third time!

I, of course, am working like hell to slow the aging process. On that note, it's time to clean out the fridge and go to Publix and get a fresh start with loads of fresh produce and fruit, and climb back on the healthy eating wagon. I've fallen off, slid into convenience foods like frozen faux meat burgers, and far more significantly, I haven't been consuming my usual truckloads of greens. I'm wondering if this lingering head cold is a result of falling away from my fresh produce habit.

Time to clean up my act. Today I'm making this   Vegetarian Kale Soup , though I will halve the recipe, because damn, it's enough for an army.  And it''s time to get back into the huge salad habit, and snack on fresh fruit. It's so easy to let processed foods creep in, especially when you're sick. I haven't been able to taste food normally for over a week now, yet somehow, this became a challenge - I was determined to find SOMETHING that would taste normal/good! Salty? Maybe chips? Sweet? chocolate?  Between pre-holiday events at work (they LOVE to bring in lunch) and haphazard nibbling to find something satisfying to my muffled taste buds, I'm off to an alarming holiday weight gain if I don't get on track now.

And now that activity doesn't trigger a "fixin' to die" coughing fit and the weather is perfect, I think later today I'll finally chase the spiders off the bike and ride. I was highly productive yesterday - bagged a big IKEA bag of stuff for donation and another big bag of trash, did all the laundry, cleaned, and decorated for Christmas. Today is for playing in the kitchen and outdoors.

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