Thursday, November 06, 2014

Exhausting Days

followed by sleepless nights.  I'm liking the job a lot, but damn, the days, they are long.  And I have an unfortunate tendency to bring my work home with me, smuggled in my subconscious. I am great at compartmentalizing when I'm awake, but after I fall asleep, yeah, stuff starts creeping out into my dreams, and I'm suddenly making to-do lists and planning my day IN MY SLEEP.  God, I hate that.  I'm a light and restless sleeper by nature, and lately, it's been worse. I'm lucky if I get a few solid hours, I tend to wake up multiple times in the night, even under ideal sleeping conditions.

And then, the night before last, Murphy fell off the bed.

My bed is a bit on the tall side - not ridiculously so, like needing stairs to access it (WHY?) but higher than normal.  Murphy sleeps on an old down throw on the foot of the bed, safely in from the edge, and with a footboard to catch him if he rolls forward.  Occasionally he has a Princess and the Pea moment, and decides that a down blanket on top of a comfy mattress with a soft mattress topper is just not comfy enough, and he gets off his safe spot, and moves to the side of the bed, while I'm sound asleep.  Usually, this is not an issue.

The night before last, he fell off the bed. He landed with a thud. He screamed, a short, high, yelp. I woke up with my heart pounding, turned on the light, pictured a tiny, frail, 14.5 year old dog with a broken hip/leg/God Only Knows helpless on the floor.

I scrambled around the bed, to find him on his feet, looking dazed, walking around confused, but walking, thank God. He wasn't limping, he appeared to have suffered no major injuries, and I had to get up at 5, so I picked him up, patted him, told him he was fine, and plunked him down on his bed on the bed, moving it even closer to the center of the footboard.  He went back to sleep and so did I. He appears to have miraculously survived his fall without serious damage, and last night he kept his little ass where I put it. 

But really now? Is a solid 7 hours of sleep too much to ask?

Put him to bed in a bed on the floor?  Oh hell yeah, I've tried, of course I've tried. He wakes up around midnight, realizes he's not in his rightful place on the big bed, and I'm awakened by his tiny toenails, clicky-clicky-clicky, pacing around the bed.  Can't hear, can't see much, has no teeth, but damn, he still knows where he belongs at bedtime.  We are not going to change that without many seriously sleepless nights.

But, tomorrow is FRIDAY! I've talked myself out of my crazy grandma urge to take Miss D to Disney on Saturday. Her parents want to do something wild and crazy for their anniversary weekend, like go to a local eatery and eat fabulous oysters and watch football, so I'm taking Herself for a few hours.  I realized that I could rent/buy and download movies for less than it would cost to park at Disney, and we do have the Disney Frozen Matching Game

Best birthday present I got her! She caught on right away, and her memory is a little frightening. I'm expecting to get my butt kicked by a three year old.

Throw in a frozen pizza and we have a party!


KatyaR said...

Basie's rolled off the bed a couple of times. I think he was sound asleep both times, and he wasn't hurt, but he was certain surprised! I would bet Murphy was asleep. Probably being so relaxed kept him from hurting himself. Poor baby....

Anonymous said...

This has happened to old Ace, as well - you can imagine how terrified I am about those long, fragile Italian Greyhound legs.
It is way too late to change their sleeping rights and privileges, Ace would wander the house all night too, and I would get no sleep at all.
On this one I am afraid we just have let the dice fall where they will, or rather the dogs. As long as it is only their dignity that is bruised, we can reassure them that all is well.

Gae, in Callala Bay