Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy Friday

First and most important for the dog fans: Murphy has once again decided he's not fixin' to die, and really wants another helping of dinner and a few vanilla cupcake flavored Goldfish graham crackers for dessert. He lives to boss another day.

Me, my weekend is focused on Sunday. On Sunday, we are driving up to Ocala to see my son and daughter-in-law and Supergirl. They are almost "in town" (a mere hour and a half away) to attend a wedding, and have to drive back to NC on Sunday. It makes absolutely no sense for them to drive down here, spend time, and turn around again, when my DiL is what, 7 months pregnant and sitting in a car all those hours, and Supergirl is too old to nap and too young to read entirely on her own yet, so we are doing a lunch meetup in Ocala. We are thinking of hitting a local park so the girls can have some playground running around time. Many photos will be taken.

Saturday will involve practical things like housework and Baby's oil change, and also story time at the library and maybe lunch out. Man, I do live a wild and crazy life.


Anonymous said...

Three rousing cheers for the resilient Bossy One.

Found (and removed) a paralysis tick from Fred on Thursday evening - he is OK. I am not displeased to find and remove the occasional PT, because small repeated doses of the venom actually strengthen their resistance. But if there is a creature on this earth that I find utterly UNNECCESARY, that creature would be the PT.

Have a lovely riotous reunion on Sunday,

Gae, in Callala Bay

KatyaR said...

Sounds like a great plan for the weekend!

And, because I'm completely overwhelmed by this, I have to tell you--I've lost 40 pounds as of this morning. Holy crap.

Joan said...

I somehow missed that there was another grandchild on the way-- mazl tov!

That Murphy. I love his spirit.

Catherine said...

KatyaR!! Holy smokes, that's awesome! And you make me feel like such a lazy lump. One of the many blog posts I've written in my head while doing other things is about the gap between my good intentions and reality.

Gae, now I'm going to have to Google paralysis tick. I've never heard of them. I hate ticks with a passion.

Thanks Joan, we're excited. Odds are it's another little girl, though the ultrasound tech said she wouldn't bet her paycheck on it. This one actually will be a surprise!

Anonymous said...

Paralysis ticks are endemic to the Eastern seaboard of Oz, carried by native animals (which are immune) but deadly to domestic cats and dogs and potentially humans (especially the small ones, or the frail).
The paralysis starts in the hind legs, and travels forward. If you are unlucky (or unobservant enough) to miss the early signs, the victims voice will change as chest and throat muscles are affected. By this time it will be a REAL fight for survival. Great care is needed for about three months after the battle, as the drugs used to save the victims life affect the immune system.
We are in a real hotspot - lots of bushland and close to the coast.

Gae, in Callala Bay