Sunday, November 09, 2014

Saturday Evening with Miss D

God, this child becomes more amazing and hilarious by the day.

She has learned to give compliments - effusive compliments, at that. After her parents left, she walked around my living room with her arms wide, "Grandma, I LOVE your house! It's BEAUTIFUL!" (Nothing had changed since her last visit, but it was evening and the lights were on. Apparently I do good lighting.) All evening it was, "I like your dangly earrings, Grandma." "I like your glasses! They're pretty!" "Sophie is such a good girl!" "Murphy is so little and cute!" I felt like I was being buttered up by an expert saleswoman, but there was no "close," after all the flattery. She just likes to give compliments. Including to herself: "I'm a nice girl." Yes, yes you are, sweetie.

We did puzzles, threw Sophie's toy over and over (Sophie collapsed in exhaustion when the child went home), practiced printing letters, mushed around with Play-Doh, and watched both Toy Story (Grandma had never seen it!) and The Princess and the Frog. (I loved it, but it was a bit scary in places. Delaney watched while sitting very close to me.)

It was a delightful evening, and after her mommy collected her (after giving up on her plan to leave her jammies on my front porch, ring the bell, and run) Sophie and I both fell asleep on the couch. Sophie roused herself for breakfast and a walk, and is back on the couch, snoring.

I have furniture to assemble. I bought one of those cube storage units for my living room, and it has been sitting in its large box for a week. Time to suck it up and assemble it. Right now I have toys and such stored in a lovely green plastic tub next to the china cabinet, and my cookbooks are divided between my office and my bedroom. I can consolidate the toys in tasteful fabric bins, ditch the green plastic tub, use a couple of the open cubes for books, and class up this joint a bit. Though according to Delaney, my home is already "so beautiful!" maybe I needn't bother.

The kid cracks me up.

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Anonymous said...

Hoping that Murphy is picking up a bit, and back to being bossy and sometimes annoying.
These ancient ones are just so fragile.

Sounds like great fun with Miss D.

Gae, in Callala Bay