Saturday, November 08, 2014

Sleeping In.

I actually got up and had a cup of coffee before either of them stirred. Sophie has always been in favor of sleeping in, but this is one of the changes in Murphy's behavior in the last year. He was ALWAYS my alarm clock.

He's really droopy today, but he did eat breakfast (and go back to his little bed in the living room). I'm waiting to see how he perks up when Miss D comes over this afternoon.

Right now I'm off to the credit union and Costco, then it'll be housework and laundry, until I can kick back with my favorite little blonde (other GD is my favorite curly-haired brunette) child and watch some Disney movies. I'm thinking we'll rent The Princess and the Frog (Single-Disc Edition). It's supposed to be excellent.


Anonymous said...

The ancient Ace does not emerge much before 10 am, these days. When he does deign to wake up he toddles outside for toileting, then to the water bowl for a drink, and then makes the big decision - back to our bed, or into the living room to his day bed.
Poor Murphy might have tweaked a muscle in his fall, or just be having a dull day.
They do look as though they are bravely enduring great discomfort, don't they?

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Murphy is still droopy, and refusing to walk. He CAN walk, he's just decided not to be bothered. I carry him to the grass, where he sniffs around, takes care of business, announces the walk is over, and trudges toward the house.