Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Snorrrk! Snuffle!

I've been sick for a week today. And no, I can't blame my small Patient Zero. Whatever this is, it's going through my office like wildfire, and hitting different people different ways. For me, it started as a sore throat and has now settled in my sinuses as a disgusting snorfling thing.

I've written a dozen posts in my head in the last week, but of course they never managed to make it to a keyboard.


Murphy would like you to know that reports of his drooping and doing poorly were a false alarm. He rallied again, and even went to his favorite groomer on Saturday and is looking all handsome and youthful. (The pic above was taken this evening, while he was begging for his favorite dessert.) He's also back to being feisty and alert and pooping like a boss. He'd also like to let you know that vanilla cupcake flavored Goldfish graham crackers are quite possibly the secret to eternal life. He demands a few every night before bed just in case. He's still deaf as a post and half blind, but he doesn't care. He's still sleeping 20 hours a day, of course, but during his waking time, he's eating with enthusiasm and, as I said, pooping like a healthy dog, which in a lymphangiectasia dog is the best sight ever, so I hope you can understand my obsession with the quality of his pooping.

Tomorrow our office will close early, and most businesses will have a four day Thanksgiving weekend. Personally, I'm mostly thankful for the four days off. I haven't had four days off in I can't remember how many months - when I changed jobs, I went from closing out my role at one high pressure job to starting a new job with a steep learning curve and just as much pressure, with only a weekend in between. I am thankful for days off.

But though my true goal is to be retired, I really am thankful for my new employer. Not only is my salary much more generous, but my boss is a sweetheart and the company's owners are almost ridiculously kind and thoughtful. Today the weather was absolutely foul; we had inches and inches of rain (and it's thundering as I write this). Basically hurricane level rainfall, minus the high winds, but with the thunder and tornado warnings. They ordered in lunch for the entire corporate staff, so nobody had to go out in that mess. Oh, and they're feeding us tomorrow too, just because it's the launch of a holiday weekend, before we close early. We work our asses off, and they reward it in many not so small ways. Oh, and did I mention that the management is vegetarian, so the catered menu always suits me? Yes, I am in the right place, and I am thankful.

The rain is supposed to continue through tomorrow, but the weather will then turn damn near holiday perfect. Cool enough for a fire in the evening, warm enough for a bike ride during the day. There will be football, friends, some shopping, knitting, movies, and rest.

Thank God for automatic backups. As I was typing the last two sentences on my laptop, suddenly I had a blue screen, and an announcement that I "shouldn't shut down because it was configuring updates." SERIOUSLY??? I'm actively using a program, and it just decided to install new updates. Oh lovely, it just popped up a window, proudly telling me it had installed new updates. This shit never happens with a Mac. I have never once been interrupted in what I was doing so my bossy ass computer could do whatever it felt was needed for my own good. And don't get me started on constantly being told that everything I intentionally download, like, yanno, stuff sent by a co-worker, is potentially dangerous and shouldn't be opened. You aren't my mom. You're my computer. I bought your ass, and I can throw it off the balcony in the rain. Which is coming down like a bitch right now. Just saying.


Joan said...

Judging from your last sentence, you must be on the mend. Just in time to enjoy your four day weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

KatyaR said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Catherine! I'm sorry you've been feeling poorly, and I hope you're feeling better to enjoy your holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's to 4 days off, happy, poopy dogs, and getting better.


Anonymous said...

I'm working on a PC that was gotten so buggy by the former employee that I can't get anywhere, ever. Except to Turkish-language Ikea. I think.

Glad you fit your new job. Glad they treat you right. Always a pleasant surprise.