Thursday, December 25, 2014

Bed at Nine. No Film at Eleven.

It was a lovely Christmas. Dinner turned out fine, though I realized in some panic while cooking today that it has probably been a decade since I've cooked a turkey. I've eaten somewhere else, or, if forced to feed people, went deli platter for the last decade, then went veggie. But it turned out fine, and I ate a small piece in solidarity, realized again that I don't miss meat. It's just not anything special, and whatever.

Much rich food was consumed however, and right now I'm absolutely craving water and sleep and a nice long walk, and green smoothies, and...but it was a lot of fun.

Miss D adores her bike and her scooter, and is already extremely safety conscious. She saw the scooter under the tree, hugged me and thanked me, and then started to ride about three feet away and said, "I need my helmet." I didn't think she'd love the pads (for riding the scooter) but she LOVES them, and of course practiced putting them on all by herself.

She left her helmet on in case a spontaneous bike ride broke out while opening her new Legos.

My vote on Lego Juniors: Don't Bother. They are not really easier to handle than regular Legos, just more limited in selection. Delaney enjoyed them, but I'm sorry I didn't just go with a huge set of additional Duplos instead. Lego Juniors is part of the new marketing of Legos: Re-package the same stuff in small, limited sets, so it will take about four sets to have enough basic Legos to do anything spontaneous. I should have built on her basic Duplos instead of adding a new, incompatible set. I may make this one disappear and replace it with something more fun from the Duplo line.

Three adults and Delaney, trying to assemble one small castle. She was entertained and engaged, but it was still a limited experience. Duplos would have been better.

She ran Daddy's butt up and down the street as she mastered pedaling and steering her new bike:

All in all, it was a perfectly delightful little Christmas.

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