Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Getting a Head Start on the New Year.

I have signed up for a challenge on Lose It that begins on 1/5, but yesterday morning I got on the scale, shrieked a little, and decided I could certainly start my post-holiday recovery a little early.  My clothes are tight, I feel sluggish and tired, and it's time to get this healthy show on the road.  So I started logging my calories yesterday, and this morning I was down .7 of a pound of bloat.

I always get bored with logging my food and counting calories, and historically, I quit in about a week. that's why I'm making you, my small but loyal band of readers, my accountability partners in this quest. If I go a few days without mentioning my mission, please feel free to harass me in comments. :-)

It IS a little different/more work for me, because I avoid most processed foods, and those pre-loaded calorie counting lists on sites like Weight Watchers and Lose It tend to be geared toward people who eat a Lean Cuisine and a brand name fat free yogurt for lunch. They DO have the calorie count for a cup of collard greens or three cups of romaine, but you have to click many more times to assemble a meal.  My diet is almost entirely non-brand name and unprocessed, so I have to figure out a way around all that extra clicking. Fortunately, I have some great cookbooks and websites that give calorie count per serving for their recipes, and I'll be relying on them for the next few months.  Once I pre-load that custom meal and save it, my tracking will be less arduous.

Tonight, the Christmas un-decorating begins. Right now, the Christmas tree is standing in the path of my yoga mat.

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