Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

The festivities at my house don't launch until 2 this afternoon, so I'm enjoying a quiet morning of coffee and meal preparations. I'm going non-veggie this year, for my guests: turkey, oyster stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes (no gloppy marshmallow on mine, just mashed with butter and a bit of brown sugar), steamed green beans, glazed baby carrots, crescent rolls. All leftovers will be packed and sent home with the guests, and I climb back on my healthy wagon tomorrow.

My son sent me this picture last night: Supergirl was allowed to open one gift, and chose one of mine. It's a precious little Nikon COOLPIX L28 20.1 MP Digital Camera with 5x Zoom Lens and 3" LCD (Red) (Certified Refurbished) and of course it's red, like Grandma's Nikon, because why not? I didn't pay that much for hers; I was lucky enough to catch one of those Amazon lightning deals on it and knew it was meant to be. She loves to take pictures and is careful enough to be trusted with a real camera; and this one is easy to use and small enough for a child's hands, but it's a real camera, not a toy (which would cost as much and not be as "cool"). I also got her an Elsa (she's another Frozen nut) bag to carry it.
Daddy texted me a photo of her Thrilled Face:

Miss D did Christmas at Nana and Papa's last night, and made out like a bandit. Nana buys a LOT more toys than Grandma does, and she came home with a mountain of loot. The haul at Grandma's will be a letdown, I'm afraid: the little pink scooter and pads, Legos, a puzzle, coloring books, a game, a new outfit - plus random fun stocking stuffers like barrettes and play "lipstick" (flavored chapsticks) and Hello Kitty socks, and a really cool Disney Princess flashlight. I actually spent more on her parents this year, getting them things they needed. And of course we have the year round gift of those Disney passes, which we will be using again on January 10th, and I'd love to take her to St. Augustine at least once before the summer heat returns, especially while a "real pirate ship!" is there. (Yes, I know El Galeon was not a pirate ship, but she's three and a huge Jake and the Neverland Pirates fan.) Miss D has the best of both worlds: Nana is a Year-Round Christmas Shopping Ninja who gets her tons of stuff, and Semi-Minimalist Grandma is always looking for fun things to do and see. Without trying, we achieve a well-balanced and very thorough level of Grandchild Spoiling.

Time to get the meal prep going. Merry Christmas to all!


besshaile said...

Interesting. My own grandma only ever gave me one gift - well, she had 20 grandchildren - but my parents were the same - one gift per child. I think you were plenty loot-ful.

Catherine said...

You would NOT believe the haul she got at Nana's last night! They could barely fit it all in the car to get it home.