Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Evening.

At 8 a.m. on December 28th, I had to turn on the air conditioning.  It was foggy and muggy very warm already, and what happened to winter?  The A/C is running and I spent the day in shorts and flip flops.

It's Sunday already, and my lovely four day weekend is over!  It passed much too quickly, as always, and tomorrow morning it's back to the grind.  It sucks. I like my job well enough, as jobs go I know I have a good one, with a good company and outstanding benefits,and I know I'm lucky to have it, but the reality remains: I just want to be retired. I have lots of things I'd rather be doing, and I think I've served my time. I've spent enough years in the work force, thank you, may I please stay home now?

Apparently not, and Monday looms before me again.

Never mind your whining, woman, let's get to the important stuff: How are the dogs?

Doing well, thank you.  Murphy continues to hang in and defy the odds. He'll be 15 in March, and at the moment I'd say he's going to make it. He's deaf, toothless, and nearly blind, but he's alert and engaged and seems quite happy with his life He's very, very thin, down to skin and bones and hair, but he eats with enthusiasm, and he'll still dance around with excitement when company comes. We're having more accidents on the floor (and this luxury vinyl plank flooring was the best money ever spent) but it's not a big deal. He had a lovely time on Christmas, and the excitement only upset his system for a day; he seems back to normal already.

Sophie is delightful, though she, too, feels I should retire and be a stay at home dog mommy. She gives me sad and reproachful looks when I leave for work every morning. From your lips to the Universe's ears, little girl, but I didn't win the lottery last night.  We have another chance on Wednesday.

On Christmas Eve my department went to lunch.  They had a great salad on the menu: romaine, diced apple, grapes, blue cheese, and nuts. I didn't order it, but the description stayed with me.  Today I did a variation on it, but I think mine is better.

I had a huge (thank you Costco) bag of pecans in the pantry, mocking me. I bought them with great ambitions of baking tons of things for Christmas, but it didn't happen.  But the salad inspired me, and I suddenly had an idea of using candied pecans instead of the walnuts they used. And not overly sweet, cinnamon-based candied pecans, either - I wanted spicy.

So I went looking for a recipe, and I found this:sweet and spicy candied pecans.  They are fab-u-lous, and perfect for the salad of my dreams this week:  Romaine lettuce, diced apple (I used Gala, but whatever works) halved seedless grapes, just a tiny bit of finely crumbled blue cheese (ameasuring tablespoon is plenty), pecans, and a light vinaigrette dressing. It was as awesome as I'd imagined.

I'm looking forward to this salad at lunch tomorrow. At least this is one thing I can look forward to on Monday.

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