Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday Morning Coffee

And, another week has passed without updating ye olde blogge.  It's been busy busy at work, and this is one of those rare (very rare) weekends that I am booked nearly all weekend.  But I must do better at this writing stuff. I have a lot to say, and many very profound blog posts are written in my head while driving, but they somehow evaporate when I'm sitting at a keyboard.

Booked nearly all weekend, you say?

Friday night was the company Christmas party. I dutifully put on my party duds and went, and it every other development company Christmas party I'd attended since the 90s.  The sound system was very loud so conversation was difficult, the food was eh, the bar was too far away. When the dancing began, the construction guys stayed at their table in the back, while sales and marketing whooped and hollered and danced up a storm. I dutifully joined the dancing for one group dance, watched the company chairman do some amazing stuff that made me feel even more out of shape, and when the DJ busted out the Cupid Shuffle, I took that as my cue to leave.  I had things to do yesterday and it was a long drive home.

Yesterday was laundry, housework, provisions for the house. Yesterday was also the day that I could finally upgrade my phone. I cannot do what I need to do on 3G anymore.  A week or so ago I had to take some photos in the field and send them to my boss, and I stood there, watching the little bar, slowly, slowly, struggling to send the photo...3G still works, but boy, it's becoming like tin cans and string!  I needed to upgrade to a new phone that could use the faster network speeds, and was just waiting until that magical upgrade window opened.  I knew what I wanted: the iPhone 6. Yes, I'm an Apple nerd as well as a Disney geek and a crazy dog lady, but whatever. I am what I am.

I wanted another iPhone because both granddaughters know how to FaceTime, and that alone was enough to seal the deal.  I wanted the 6 because the bigger the screen, the easier it is on my still slightly screwed up vision. (Even corrected, I still have that slight little warp in my vision in my left eye, a souvenir of the aneurysm ,and reading is still more tiring than it used to be.).  I didn't want the 6+ because that's too damn big; my stubby little hands couldn't keep a grip on a phone that size and I'd be terrified of dropping it, nor would it fit in a pocket.

The Verizon website wasn't offering any inducements for upgrading, and I wasn't in THAT much of a hurry, so I decided I'd shop around a bit.  I went to Target for the mundane - paper towels, etc. - and while I was there, I decided to stop by their in-store cell phone counter, just to browse.

Long story short - they had the 6 for the same price as the Verizon website, but Target was still quietly running their Black Friday promotion through yesterday.  I got $100 for my old phone plus a $50 Target gift card, and walked out of the store with a shiny new iPhone 6. I already love it like a new pet, and a "just browsing" stop at their counter saved me $150.  Merry Christmas to me!

Last night was dinner with a friend; we ate too much, drank good beer, and I invited her and her teenage daughter to join us on Christmas. We live blocks apart, and she's a single mom with no plans for the day. I may have to leap off the plant based wagon and do a traditional meal this year. I know it would make everyone happy, and I was happy to see that Publix had a nice stock of certified humanely raised turkeys at Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving was a bust for me because I was sick as a dog, so I think Christmas needs to be done up right. A turkey, oyster stuffing, it's one day a year, and the greens and beans will be welcome when it's over...yes. I'm feeling it.

Today is, yep, another trip to Disney World!  My daughter really wanted to go before our seasonal passes go into block out for the holidays, so we could show Miss D the Magic Kingdom all decorated for Christmas.  We had planned to go yesterday, but my daughter was invited to participate in some sort of specialized training for work, and wouldn't you know it, it was scheduled for this Saturday and next. So we moved the Disney day to today. The weather is less than ideal, it's cool and drizzly, but it is supposed to improve a bit later.  And whatever, it will make the Christmas lights and decorations look even more cheerful against the gray skies. I plan to do a little Christmas shopping, and I recall that they had some really nice iPhone cases, too.  If we do get rained on, I won't mind killing a little time browsing the shops.

Next weekend is the the big dog show at the convention center, and we will go on Sunday.  It is a blast, and I don't know if this is the last year that Orlando will be hosting, so we must go. Last year Miss D was in the throes of the terrible twos and cutting molars, and her behavior was not at its finest, but this year she's an all grown up 3, and she will love it. It's become part of our holiday tradition, and I'm looking forward to it again.

Time to get going on my day - as much as I love any excuse to go to Disney, I can't start the work week with a messy house, because it only goes downhill from there.  Photos of our day later, I swear!

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