Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday Roundup

I did say I was going to share some pictures from Sunday's trip to Disney, didn't I? 

Sunday was another delightful Disney day.  A little cool, a little gray, but the crowds were smaller (Disney is never uncrowded) and the mood was leisurely.  We arrived in mid-afternoon this time; we weren't in any rush to see/do everything. We wanted to admire the Christmas lights (them) and maybe do a little shopping (me). 

Miss D's parents went off to do a grownup ride while Miss D and I went on Peter Pan. I hadn't been on it in...oh, easily 20 years? It's still fun!  Then we had time to do the carousel, excuse me, merry-go-round. We waited for her parents near the exit, where a pop-up show suddenly popped up - a group of minstrels played, while a performer Delaney said looked like Belle and a gentleman searched for someone strong enough to pull the Sword from the Stone.  Enjoyable story short: the victor was of course a skinny little girl of about 8.  The burly men who were selected from the audience to try and fail were good sports about it.  After the performance was over, Delaney had to try. We promised her that next time we see this show happening, she can raise her hand.

Skipping forward to after dark, and the show at Cinderella's Castle. Elsa (from Frozen, DUH) turned the castle to ice. It really was amazing, as lights and "frozen fractals" played over the face of the castle, which is webbed in something magical that can project just about anything, until, in the big finale: HUGE ICE CRYSTALS HANGING FROM EVERYWHERE! Accompanied by a few small fireworks. It was tres cool, and we loved it.

Then Miss D's mother demonstrated that she knows her child very, very well.  Earlier in the day we'd mentioned stopping off at the Grand Floridian Hotel (a stop on the monorail) to see the Christmas decorations, and the spectacular gingerbread house.  We left hours later, and stupidly got on the express monorail out of the park, instead of the one that stopped at the hotel.  We had a whispered conversation about this, spelling all the critical words - my son-in-law and I were of the opinion that if we didn't say "the g-word" Miss D would forget all about the g house, so why go back?

My daughter said we were both fucking nuts, and she wasn't going to live with the child bitching about being cheated out of the promised visit to a real gingerbread house for the next week or two.  (She held a grudge about the last visit, when we totally screwed her over with that lame Swiss Family Robinson treehouse instead of a REAL ride, and she complained about it every day for a week.)

So, we got off the express monorail at the transportation center, and started to say our goodbyes, and Miss D promptly said, "No, we can't go home! We have to see the gingerbread house!!!"  Daughter gave me and my son-in-law a smug eyeroll, and we agreed that going back to see the house wouldn't take THAT long, and we did want to see it too. 

So we got on the other monorail and went to the Grand Floridian. And Grandma is glad that Miss D has a memory like a steel trap and is tenacious too, because damn, this gingerbread house is something to see.

Yes, that really IS a gingerbread house. I didn't take a picture of the sign that described how many pounds of ingredients went into this incredible creation.


The detail is simply insane! 

Oh, the Christmas tree wasn't too shabby either:

That photo was taken from the 2nd floor. The tree extended past the third story.  Disney does Christmas in a big way.

The only disappointment of this lovely day was I didn't manage to get in the shopping time I wanted!  I am bummed about that, because I did want to buy a couple of small gifts that are only sold in the park, but they aren't going anywhere, and we will of course visit again after the holiday block out time is over.

This weekend: the dog show!  This Christmas season has been big fun so far.


Anonymous said...

That gingerbread house is amazing. Just a tad more elaborate than the two we make every year! We started when Senior Grandchild was 18 months old for her second Christmas. So 18 have been made for her. We started making a second one every year when the first of the two younger grandchildren's second Christmas. The Tyranny of Distance it is called. We will be making numbers 27 and 27 in a few days time.
The second house is transported to Melbourne in kit form and assembled, then we let the two little ones loose with the icing and the lollies (candies!)

Be very careful about establishing traditions - just look what we let ourselves in for ;_)

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Gae, that's how it is - do it once and it's a tradition, so be careful what you start! My daughter had planned a gingerbread house making session this year, but we're quickly figuring out that time is not on our side. Next weekend we will make and decorate cookies, but actual house construction will have to wait until next year.

Anonymous said...

And beware if the conditions are humid. The ginger bread panels will sag very, very sadly.
We get around this problem with a dehydrator.

Multi coloured liquorice allsorts, the ones that are layers of black and coloured filling -finely sliced they make jazzy shingles for the roof.

Gae, in Callala Bay