Saturday, January 03, 2015

Alas, Poor Keurig.

After weeks of intermittent issues and two thorough cleanings and testing, I've finally admitted that the pump on my Keurig coffee maker has Issues.  It'll make a full cup with ease, then another, then it'll suddenly wheeze and struggle to make one, then no problem normal, then wheezing, then....lots of wheezing and straining, and less than half a cup appears. It just sounds...exhausted...and I'm 98% sure it's the pump going bad. I've put it through two full cleaning rituals, including sticking a bent paper clip into its orifices, but the issues does seem to be the pump. It's over 4 years old, and I guess that's probably the life span for a small appliance these days.  

And this is why it pays not to be such an extreme minimalist that you quickly get rid of everything you "haven't used in the last year".  I still had my old Mr. Coffee in a box in the garage. I've held onto it through two moves, padded and sealed in a moving box, for what, 4 years now?  I brought it in and gave it a thorough cleaning, running several pots of plain water followed by one cleaning cycle.  Now, I just have to re-learn how to make coffee the way I like it in a normal coffee maker. It's been years! Tomorrow will be the test drive. I probably will replace the Keurig pot eventually - it really is more efficient for me - but it's not high on my financial priority list.  This has already been a damn expensive month, with HOA dues for the "investment property," and adjustments to escrow on both mortgages, and car insurance, and...yeah, I'm not buying a new coffee maker. I'd rather spend my small discretionary dollars at Disney next weekend.

Today's funny: I had a random text from my daughter this afternoon, about how the garbage men are going to hate her on Monday. I laughed out loud, because I had just had the exact same thought about my own cleaning frenzy. I was super productive today. 

The alarm was set for 6, because Sophie was due for her pedicure and anal gland squeeze at 8. It was uneventful, and everyone loved on her as usual.  Then the post office, then a cleaning binge ensued, including resurrecting and cleaning old coffee maker, which somehow led to reviewing a lot of other things I haven't used in years, as well as the things that were past their life expectancy.  The garbage men are going to hate me on Monday too, but Goodwill will love me.

There are things I am going to do (please note, I didn't phrase it "want to do") to improve my living space in the coming year. They mostly aren't expensive (I've already spent the big bucks). I want to turn my cluttered, messy office/guest room into a pleasant and decorated space. I'd like to be able to actually walk into the large walk-in closet. It's...full. I'm not sure how that happened, but I've made that January's project.  Donate, recycle, last choice is trash. Dead Keurig will not go out to the curb; it can sit in the garage until I have enough small items to make a run to the electronics recycling pile at the dump.  

Because my word of the year is Accountability, tomorrow I will post some pictures of the godawful mess that is my office.  Don't expect magical makeover pictures in a day because this is real life, not teevee, but over the next month or so, it's going to get fixed.

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