Sunday, January 18, 2015


My son texted me at 5:30 this morning - strong contractions, 4 minutes apart, midwives were on the way!  Think good thoughts for a fast and easy trip into the world for our little mystery baby - we still don't know for sure if it's a boy or a girl.  Grandma needs to get knitting.

My new washer and dryer did arrive on schedule, however, and I'm loving them. I had a flicker of buyer's remorse after making the purchase, and started telling myself how I could have the old dryer repaired and wait, but now that they are here, holy crap, I realize what I was missing!

No more listening for the old washer to get out of balance and thump around and then stop, as it did with just about every load, until I  rearranged the pair of jeans or two towels that made it unable to continue, because it was just TOO MUCH for it to handle....  No more re-starting the dryer three times and having to rush to grab my clothes out before they settled into wrinkles (Fred had no wrinkle saving feature).  Everything dries faster (okay, part of that was the thorough duct cleaning) and turns out cleaner and unwrinkled.  It's all quiet and efficient and using less water and less energy, too.  I'm finally laundering in the 21st century, and I'm glad I did this.


Katya said...

How exciting--both the baby and the new washer and dryer! I have to go to a laundry to do the wash, but I don't mind too much, I can do several loads at a time, and it only takes about an hour. In fact, I just got back from there....

If I ever had the chance to have a w/d again, I'd get the top loading kind. The laundry uses side loading, and they're just a pain, and home units are seriously expensive. I don't really see the need.

Happy grandma-ing to be!

ellen kirkendall said...

I got new laundry machines this year too. What a pleasure!

Congrats on the new grand baby. Whichever sex you get it will be irresistible.