Sunday, January 11, 2015

Disney Report

Yesterday's Disney trip was fun, as always, but oh boy, was it ever crowded! There had been a marathon earlier in the day, and many of the runners spent the day in the parks  And entire towns in Brazil must be empty, because it seemed like half of Brazil was in the Magic Kingdom yesterday. Going late in the day and staying into the evening was the way to go; the crowd thinned a bit (just a bit) after dark.

We had a good time, as always, though Miss D wasn't her  high energy self. She'd been sick earlier in the week, and though she was fully recovered from her sniffle, she was a bit droopy, and a bit intimidated by the crowds, it seems.

She has participated in the Incredibles Dance Party before, and really enjoyed it, but this time she stayed close to mommy and daddy and didn't want to participate, just watch. I found the crowd a bit overwhelming too, and understood her ambivalence.

She rode the Haunted Mansion with me, and wasn't afraid. The ghosts are just pretend, and they aren't doing anything really scary, just dancing and having a party.  She was fine with that.

The new experience for all of us was Enchanted Tales with Belle.  We had no idea what to expect, but it was delightful, and worth doing again!  Highly recommended for princess crazy little girls and their parents/grandparents.  Kids (and a couple of good natured adults) are picked to participate in an interactive, live action story, in a small group setting. The highlight of the performance was a little girl of oh, maybe two and a half, dressed as a princess herself, who was cast as Chip the Teacup. When Belle entered the room, she abandoned the performance, squealed and jumped up and down, and ran to hug her!  One of the cast helpers gently guided her to her place, and the performance continued, but that little girl's sheer joy at seeing one of her heroines was infectious and made the whole performance even more adorable.  Delaney played a salt shaker, got her picture taken with Belle, and got a souvenir bookmark.  She enjoyed it very much.

We also met Merida of Brave.  I saw Brave for the first time at Christmas, and really loved it.  People who sneer at the "princessy" stuff of Disney truly need to catch up with current Disney fare. Merida is a badass princess, and an archer. Delaney got to shoot an arrow!

Food was disappointing this trip. We tried a different walk-up eating choice: The Friar's Nook was deeply disappointing.  The mac and cheese was extremely average and ridiculously expensive for the quality.  It was the worst food we've had in the parks, no contest, and we regretted not continuing on to Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland.  The crowds were smaller, and the food is much, much better. I longed for their truly tasty vegetarian burger with all the fixings, but we'd already blown the food budget on gloppy and disappointing mac and cheese.  Bummer.

Our reservation for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train wasn't until 8 p.m., and it was then that Disaster Struck.

Delaney was all set to ride "the Snow White Roller Coaster!!" She was psyched, and not afraid at all, and she was tall enough to ride!  We were all excited!  We boarded.  She was in the car ahead of us, riding with Daddy.  The attendants walked down the line of cars, testing the safety bars, and paused.  One attendant called another over, and they conferred - Delaney wasn't allowed to ride. She was tall enough, yes, but too skinny at the hips to be properly secured by the bar!  She and Daddy had to get off and wait for us - Daddy would have to ride separately if he chose.

Delaney was, understandably, UTTERLY DEVASTATED, and cried and cried for the "Snow White Roller Coaster." We explained as best we could that she would have to wait until she's just a bit bigger, and joked among ourselves about needing to fatten her up. "I AM BIG ENOUGH! I AM!!!"   She was terribly, terribly disappointed and heartbroken, and our hearts broke for her, but there was nothing we could do. My daughter commented that they should have an approved weight as well as approved height,  Delaney is not abnormally skinny but she's tall and lean for a preschooler - it hadn't occurred to us that there would be an issue with her slender hips, or we never would have set her up for such heartbreak.

Eventually, she calmed down, and we made it up to her with a ride on Dumbo (almost no wait at all at that hour, as it was past bedtime for most Dumbo fans) and the teacups.  By then we were all tired and ready to leave the park, and made our way through the mob scene to the exit, where we had to pause to watch the fireworks.

I got home after 11 and got to sleep well after midnight.  According to the pedometer I wear, I walked 19,912 steps yesterday.  Today will be a lazy day. 


Karen said...

We're going to be at WDW for a couple of days next week and have fastpasses reserved for the "Snow White Roller Coaster." Delaney not being able to ride must have been a heartbreaker for all of you.

Fortunately (or not!) I don't have any concerns about being too skinny at the hips.

Catherine said...

It's a really nice ride, possibly the smoothest coaster I've ever been on! It's swoopy, rather than whip-snapping, and fine for a bigger child.