Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good Morning from Asheville

The drive up was not without I-95 Drama.  First, a passing truck kicked up a rock and put a small but lovely chip in my windshield.  An hour or so later I glanced at my dashboard and my heart froze - the check engine light was on, and the cruise control indicator was blinking merrily!  I had a moment of ohshitohshitohshit  the car is breaking down and I'm gonna be stranded in Bubbaville, Georgia - then I took a few deep, calming breaths and evaluated the situation.

I never use the cruise control and tend to forget I have it, so my first thought was that I'd accidentally hit the stalk on the steering column - I experimented with turning it on, off, etc.  Nothing happened, and still the light blinked merrily. But other than the festive blinking and glowing from the dashboard, Baby was running just fine, so I continued on my way at a steady 80 mph.

I'm guessing the check engine light is related to the blinking cruise control indicator, and some failure in the cruise control I never use triggered a warning.  Today or tomorrow I'll take it to Auto Zone and let them do a diagnostic to let me know if it's something I need to address immediately, or if it's safe to ignore it until it's more convenient.  If it's not going to affect how Baby runs, I'll just learn to get used to the festive blinking, or pay a few bucks to turn off the warning light. I can't afford to waste money to fix something I never use on a car I hope to trade in next year.

I got to my son's house before dinner. I didn't take any pictures last night, though my son did take a couple of me reading a story to Supergirl while holding Willa, which I will demand he send to me.  Today there will be many more pictures, I promise.

Today I'm going to join my son on one of the downtown brewery walking tours he conducts as one element of his business. I'm excited - I'm very proud of him and can't wait to see him in action! Beer will be consumed at each stop, so I am eating a big breakfast.  Before the brewery tour I will make a stop at Friends and Fiberworks, conveniently located less than ten minutes from the kids' house.  I need appropriate buttons for Willa's sweater, and of course there's a fair chance I will walk out with more than just buttons.  I've nearly finished her sweater and tomorrow is supposed to be chilly and rainy. I see knitting and baby cuddling time.

Photos to come, I swear!

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Anonymous said...

For many years we had a real 'family' car. It was a 91 model 2wd Subaru Liberty that Erich bought in 93.
When his family grew to 2 children in 99, he handed the Liberty on to us, and later my father used it for two years.
It freaked us out several times with the 'Check Engine' light, and it was duly checked out. Nothing. Ever.
That car was in our possession for 25 years, and every time that light flashed, who ever was driving would give it the "Ferrari tune-up" -- rev the engine, hard, briefly. Light would go out. End of.......
The cruise control was a bitch to set, Ernst could cope with it, but I never used it. The Astra Diesel has a cruise control you can set while still watching the road, which I think is a bonus.
Enjoy the time with Supergirl, and Willa, and travel safely ,

Gae, in Callala Bay