Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Saturday!

It's a leisurely fire in the fireplace and lots of coffee morning at the Bossy Doghouse.  The weather has been unpredictable, to say the least. Last weekend was shorts and sandals and bike rides, today is fire in the fireplace. Yesterday was gray and dreary and damp and chilly; today is bright and clear (though still chilly).

The weather is just about perfect for today's plans. After two weeks in a row of a holiday schedule, re-entry into the normal 5 day week has been exhausting. Today, the reward:  We're going to Disney World! (Again! I know, we're kinda nuts that way.)

EDIT: Oh! I realized after I posted that I'd never shared my Christmas gift from my daughter! Last time we visited the Magic Kingdom I'd been admiring some very expensive bags with very artsy sketches of Tinkerbell - she didn't get me one of those (because seriously, I don't need a $200 bag with a Disney character on it) she got me something I will actually use:

My official new theme park purse!  It's by Le Sportsac, very lightweight and SO cute! (Click to embiggen and appreciate the artsy Tinkerbells.)  I might not carry it to the office, but you better believe it's my favorite weekend bag!

My daughter has been stalking Fast Passes on the newest ride, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, for months, and finally got us on at, I think, 8 tonight. (As Miss D has more energy and sleeps less than any 3 year old you've ever met and also lives for Disney visits, the time is not an issue - she can outlast any adult.)

Our first Fast Pass isn't until around 5 p.m., but my daughter called me to ask what time I wanted to get to the park, and she wants to go even earlier than I'd planned.  She wants to get there early enough for some relaxing wandering around time, and I'm glad - there are so many things to see and do, like that little pop-up "Sword in the Stone" show last month, that we would like to enjoy without having to calculate the time to our next ride appointment.

So today is a scheduled escape from reality, because reality is full of tedious issues.  It appears that the duct to the clothes dryer is clogged; clothes aren't drying and I don't think it's Fred Maytag's fault.  I have a duct cleaning guy coming on Tuesday afternoon, and until then I can't do laundry. I have enough clean work clothes to get me through, but let's hope this can be fixed Tuesday afternoon and it prolongs Fred and Ethyl's lifespan.  I want to postpone buying a new washer and dryer until I can pay cash for them without tapping my emergency funds. One of my goals for the year is to get rid of all credit card bills, so of course stuff I can't live without has to start acting up.  It is ever thus.

But fiddle dee dee, I'll think about that tomorrow - today is for fun.

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besshaile said...

Yes! Think about it tomorrow - at Tara.

Now - Pictures of Disney, please.