Saturday, January 24, 2015

I function best under pressure.

I have only a few days (four of which are long days at the office) before I leave for Asheville. I need to finish two small sweaters and assemble a baby afghan, clean the house, assemble all the stuff I'm bringing, etc., etc.

Today felt like such a good day!  I woke up early to pounding rain and high wind; the cold front had arrived.  After a long morning of coffee and knitting and waiting until the front passed, I launched into productivity.  I did a lot of small things that have been annoying me, like, the light on my outside stairs was out, and this wasn't just finding any old bulb and slapping it in there. I bought an 11 year, daylight equivalent compact fluorescent bulb ($6 at Target) for each of the outside fixtures.  Done, and done right.

I also learned why a moderate amount of procrastination and pack-rattery is a good thing. I have made only small progress on cleaning up my office (only one trip to Goodwill; a second one is pending, some trash was trashed, things are much tidier, but done, it ain't). 

I hadn't gotten around to cleaning out a bunch of random software disks and office supplies - I took a few things to my office and some will go to Goodwill, but I hadn't touched the drawers in the little rolling cabinet.  Today, I found a software CD in there that saved me 20 bucks - I nearly bought another copy, but something made me look first before ordering. I have no idea why I had a spare copy of this software, but there it was when I needed it.

I had to run to Target for the compact light bulbs and a couple of other small items, and noticed again (this started a couple of days ago) that Baby the Subaru was having issues starting. She still started, but with a small "eh-eh" hesitation  so unlike her.  I called my daughter from the Target parking lot and asked if she knew a good place to get a battery. She did. I drove directly there from Target, and they tested the battery - yes, it was nearly dead. Battery replaced. It was on sale, and I am very happy with my daughter's auto shop recommendation - in a pinch, they are walking distance from home - a long walk, but a totally doable walk. I think they have my car maintenance business going forward. Everything else checked out and is fine.  We are good to go for a road trip next weekend.

Anyway, it was one of those days that I really felt I was firing on all cylinders, in the zone, in the flow, just moving from task to task in a relaxed yet highly efficient way. I killed my gray roots, made a haircut appt for tomorrow afternoon, dealt with the battery and the burnt out porch bulbs (my porch and stairs are now bathed in a lovely cool daylight at the flip of a switch).  I think I have to credit meditation. It's the only real change I've made in recent weeks. I can't claim I'm totally dedicated and serious about it, but even in my half-assed application of insight meditation, I'm feeling the effects. Things Got Done, Decisions Were Made, Stuff Just Worked Out Right, and all without feeling stressed or like I was forcing things to be a certain way. I think I'll sleep really well tonight.

Tomorrow: the  The Manatee Festival!  There are twin babies in Blue Spring this year!  We plan to get there early and see the manatees first, walk the rest of the festival, maybe eat if there is a great food truck selection, and be done without using the entire day. I'll still have time for haircut, housework, and afghan assembly, before the work week starts again.

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besshaile said...

I love a day like that. Thanks for reminding me that meditation has long term effects.

Happy Manatee watching