Wednesday, January 21, 2015



At least, I think her name is Willa. They are taking an extraordinarily long time selecting a name for this child (I mean, hell, they only had NINE MONTHS to consider the options) - but it appears that Willa is the winner. I like it. Middle name is still TBD.  I'm convinced she's looking so puzzled and annoyed in this photo because she's figured out that she didn't have a name yet.

Tentative plan is to visit at the end of the month. I need to firm up dogs and house sitter and work stuff before I can make it a firm plan. I do want to get there before she loses that New Baby Smell!


Brenda B said...

My goodness! Congratulations, dear Catherine.

KatyaR said...

Willa--I love that name! I have a friend named Willa--she is a strong confidence leader. This bodes well for your little one.

Anonymous said...

i have a g'daughter named willa- love the name of course- it is not one of those 'cutesy' ones that eventually become annoying or a trendy one that will be worn-out and dated, yet it is both unique and beautiful- so is that sweet baby- congratulations to the entire family-

barb in texas