Sunday, January 04, 2015

Today marks one week

of tracking my diet and exercise on Lose It!

I'm down 2.2 pounds. Today I walked over 15,000 steps and rode my bike for half an hour and cleaned and went up and down the stairs, and I've earned some couch time.  It will be much harder to accomplish this level of activity on a work day, of course, but I swear I will spend at least 30 minutes on the mat each evening after work.

Guilty Mommy also bought Sophie new toys at Petsmart, and she's thrilled with her new bright pink fuzzy elephant.  We will call her Ellie.  (We keep it simple; her old toys are Cow and Pig.)

Yes, I am buying my sad little dog toys to assuage my guilt about not winning the lottery and becoming a stay at home dog mommy.  Maybe Wednesday's ticket will bring us all joy.

My last act of the evening will be to drag a massive pile of trash to the curb. We didn't have trash pickup on Thursday for the holiday, so Monday's load is huge.  Judging by the piles I saw at the curb at many houses while riding my bike, our poor trash collection guys are going to be hurtin' and cryin' in their beer by the time they get home tomorrow.   Next time I whine about all the work before and after a day off, I'll remember those poor guys, and count my blessings. 


Anonymous said...

Ace, the Perfect Gentleman, went to his rest yesterday (6.1.15). In addition to his long standing problems, he suddenly developed severe kidney failure.
We are missing him terribly, and yesterday qualifies as The Worst Birthday Ever!, but on the other paw, I will never forget Ace's anniversary, will I ?

Hugs to Murphy and Sophie,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Oh Gae, I'm so sorry! I can't say Happy Birthday because it wasn't, but Ace had a wonderful life, and will be missed even from here in Florida!