Sunday, January 04, 2015

Welcome to My Home Office.

It needs attention.

A lot of attention.

Good luck walking into this big walk-in closet.

Wait, what's that behind the door? Oh look - MORE SHIT!

To be clear, the rest of my home doesn't look like this. This room is the reason the rest of my home can fake tidy and organized.  This room is a disaster area, and I have no idea how it got this way - it just devolved, from neglect and indifference, from an office/occasional guest room to whateverthehell it is now. In the interest of Accountability (my word for the year) I am sharing this with the world at large, and vowing to the entire innerwebs that I'm going to fix this. 

This shithole wasn't built in a day, and cleaning it up won't happen in a day, either.  I'm collecting items for donation this week, and will drop them off next Saturday morning (before Disney! Yay!)  I already have a massive load of trash for tomorrow's trash pickup, as last Thursday was our regular trash day and also a holiday, so I didn't start sorting and throwing out yet. That will happen little by little, as the month progresses. I hereby swear to the small loyal band who read this blog that by the end of the month, this room will be stripped down, cleaned up, organized, and fit for public view.


Karen said...

What is it about offices?! Mine has become the dumping ground for everything that I'm not sure what to do with. The rest of the house looks great...just don't look in my office!

I'm working on it one hour at a time to get it to where I can actually use it.

Catherine said...

Exactly, Karen! They are a dumping ground, and sometimes you just need to shovel out the dump!

needlefingers said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm jealous that you can see floor in your 'disaster' area. In my disaster area - no visible floor. :/