Sunday, February 01, 2015

Heading Home Tomorrow

After a just-right weekend. Details and photos will have to wait until I'm home, because Super Bowl Party/beer.  My son brewed some excellent stuff in honor of Willa's birth, and I'm bringing a six pack home so Allie and Chessie can taste his handiwork.  Delicious!

Oh, and Baby's drama may be fixed - I went to Auto Zone this morning (before a stop at Friends and Fiberworks, but that's a story for later) and they diagnosed the engine code. A few weeks ago, I had to replace my gas cap, and I bought a cheap after market cap that allegedly fit. No issues at all while driving around town, so I didn't think about it again...yeah. Apparently the codes all said, "Um, yeah, something about the fuel intake/gas cap seal."  $9 on a new (and nicer looking) cap.  My son disconnected and reconnected the battery - both codes are gone. I haven't tried the cruise control I never use to see if it works again, but the dashboard is no longer festive, and if it reoccurs on the drive home, I won't fret.  And now, I must sleep.  Photos are coming, I swear!

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