Saturday, February 28, 2015

I need this.

100000 steps challenge.  It's a free fitness challenge sponsored by the awesome Happy Herbivore (the source of much inspiration and fabulous plant based recipes).

While much of the country is dealing with snow and ice, Orlando is going to see 85 degrees by the middle of next week.  I need new clothes, and I need to fit into some favorite things that are hanging in my closet, taunting me. I'm not happy with how much I sit - in the car on my long drive to and from work, at my desk all day, at home on the couch.  Sitting is very bad for the body.  It's BAD.

I used to walk regularly, and just...fell out of the habit. My schedule changed, etc., you know the litany of excuses.  Taking care of myself has fallen off my priority list in the last few months, and that's bad and dangerous. I'll be 57 years old in June. Somehow in my head I'm eternally 35, and I like it that way, but the reality is I need to make taking care of myself a much higher priority.  Old Lady Body is creeping up on me, and I don't like it.

I hereby declare March a month of recovery.  I don't really "do" Lent, but I do believe that spring is a time of renewal, and I need a renewal. Today I will plan meals and shop for ingredients, and clean any crap that has crept in out of my fridge and pantry. Tomorrow I will prep healthy meals for the week. And I will walk at least 100,000 steps in March.  Anyone want to join me?


Karen said...

Sign me up! Life and laziness has gotten me to a place I don't like with regards to my health and body. Amazon should be delivering the Fitbit I ordered today and a grocery run is on the schedule.

Here's to ending March stronger than February!

KatyaR said...

Yikes, I just checked my UP bracelet, and I'm almost 100,000 steps fewer this month than last. February has been a royal pain in the butt--I lost a valuable employee, with no replacement, the weather has SUCKed with snow and ice, and I have eaten so horribly. I'm stuck inside all weekend because of the snow, and I WILL be doing my Leslie Sansone videos. I have to get back in line. So I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Well, with a young (22 months old) fit, long range type dog newly welcomed into the household, I will be out there too...
Spike (from the same breeder as dear old Ace) is a handsome devil, still a bit shy of Ernst. Probably because his previous home did not have a "man about the house".
Spike will be able to absorb a lot of walking,

Gae, in Callala Bay