Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Knitting Therapy

My knitting groove is back - whipping out three little girl sweaters in a row reawakened my craving for creativity.  I've had a discontinued yarn in my stash for years now, waiting for the right pattern to come along. Louet Euroflax Linen in worsted weight, in a lovely rich blue with small flecks of gold. I saw it as a cardigan, but had trouble finding the perfect pattern. I wanted something open and drapey, because linen is surprisingly warm and this IS Florida, and easy but not boring, because I have enough challenges in my working day. I do NOT seek new challenges in my knitting.  I found Sandshore on Ravelry - it's perfect!

I'm craving knitting time. Last night's commute home from work took over an hour and a half, thanks to TWO accidents within a half mile of each other - a total of six cars managed to slam into each other on the slightly damp, flat, straight road, in slow stop and go traffic. It rains a lot in Florida, and it frequently rains late in the day, and this means we are frequently commuting in the rain.  Driving in rain is a basic skill. These people would never survive if they lived up north and had to do this in snow.

 So my drive home was long and frustrating, and I spent part of it wondering if I had enough Euroflax for this sweater - somehow I thought I did, but I bought it years ago on clearance and wasn't sure.  I was craving knitting. Non-knitters probably can't relate, but it's a physical need, like a hunger for a drug. I wanted to sit with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and give myself up to the relaxing rhythm of the clicking of the needles, and the comforting sight of something beautiful and useful growing from my hands. I've always said knitting is my meditation, and though I've learned other meditation styles, it remains my favorite way to relax and focus my mind.

I need to relax and focus my mind. I've reached the conclusion that I need a career change. I'm burned out on real estate and land and dirt girl work in general, and I want to do something completely different, something with more color and human interaction and far fewer spreadsheets. I know it's difficult to re-invent oneself at this late stage of life, but it CAN be done.  I'm going to find a new path. First I'm going to knit myself a sweater.


Karen said...

I totally get this! I'm working on knitting a lap blanket for a friend, and I sit at work anticipating getting home and picking up the needles.

Brenda B said...

I started a crazy mystery afghan crochet-along that is being hosted by Caron. There are 10 clues, and they are releasing one every Tuesday. We are on week three, and as a knitter who just kinda knows how to crochet, I think I am in WAY over my head. I'm also knitting socks and stranded mittens---the colorwork is a little challenging, but it doesn't become overwhelming in such small projects. It has been so cold here---I want to knit some fingerless mitts to wear in the house.

KatyaR said...

I've never knitted a sweater. Now that I'm a bit smaller, I'd like to try one to commemorate my weight loss, but I'm terrified to try. I'm good with scarves and socks, anything else and I am scared to death. I've been looking at Ravelry, hoping to get inspired.