Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Murphy Fans...

he wants me to tell you he's fine again, no thanks to the idiot housekeeper who nearly starved him to death, because she didn't understand his telepathic transmissions of recipes for chicken smoothies.

Tonight's included a couple of tablespoons of peas. Clean plate again. 

And even more significantly, tonight (for the first time in many days) I walked in the door and didn't have to clean up anything Disgusting that happened in my absence.  I took both dogs out, and he walked with enthusiasm before doing a (sound of heavenly trumpets) Mostly Normal Poop! 

Right now, he is telling me he needs to catch up on his daily dose of vanilla cupcake goldfish graham crackers.

He's much, much better.


KatyaR said...

Somebody needs to perfect that "Dog to English" translator--they'd make a fortune!

besshaile said...

Murphy is amazing. and it was good of him to not fire his doofus housekeeper.

So glad to hear good news about the bossy dog.

Anonymous said...

We attended a small local dog show yesterday, in the hope of finding an Italian Greyhound to cuddle. Ace's breeder was there with three adults and two puppies. She was giving the two puppies their first experience of the show environment.
Hugs and chat ensued, and we had cuddles with the puppies, and the soppiest IG ever. Pick up Isis and she somehow produces suction cups and glues herself into your embrace.
Coincidence - Anu has a young adult male, show career completed, looking for a home. When Ace died I realised that this is the first time in 25 years that we have not had at least one (and generally 2) Iggies in the family. We have accepted Spice (soon to be called Spike), and will pick him up from another local (sort of) dog show on Saturday week.

Fred the JRT is a grand little ratbag, funny as a circus, but he is NOT a cuddler, in fact sternly resists such mawkishness!

Still miss Ace, but I think we both need this.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Oh Gae, that's wonderful! I totally know what you mean about a non-cuddler. Murphy is not and never has been cuddly. He'll accept belly rubs gladly and likes to be carried around so he has a better view of the world, but he wants to sleep in his own bed or at the far corner of the big bed. Even now, old and sick as he is, if I pick him up to cuddle him he pushes off with a paw and turns his head away, "Gawd Mom, don't get MUSHY!" Sophie is the velcro dog who likes to sleep with her head on my shoulder, snoring into my ear.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about "cuddly" -- one of the cuddliest dogs we ever had was the oh, so 'dangerous'
English Bull Terrier, Emma.

'Dangerous'? Emma NEVER started a fight - of course she was entirely capable of finishing a fight. She loved the entire human race, but door to door salesman found her 'smile' quite off-putting.

Every now and again she would annoy our elderly male Beagle, and he would shoulder barge her, put her on her back and tell her a few home truths. And the big tough Bull Terrier used to 'scream' for me to rescue her from the mean old Beagle!

Gae, in Callala Bay

Brenda B said...

My first Yorkie was a Velcro dog, and always wanted to be touching me in some way. Hannah---not so much. Every great once in awhile she will come to me wanting some affection, but normally, she prefers to lay just out of arm's reach and keep an eye on me. She also helped herself to some raisin bread---it fell off of the kitchen counter at she found it while I was sleeping. There was a big hole in the bag and a few bites out of the bread---I hope Yorkies can pass little pieces of plastic. (I know raisins are bad for them, but I don't think she could have ingested that many.)