Sunday, February 08, 2015

Murphy Says Hi.

He also says you can't get good help these days. His housekeeper took forever to figure out that he wanted his food pureed, preferably with just slightly warm broth, and served on a saucer for easy lapping up, and oh, that fat free Greek yogurt?  An excellent dessert.  The housekeeper is a bit slow, but eventually she catches on.

I bought some low sodium fat free chicken broth to mix with his chicken and rice and green beans, pureed the whole mess in the blender, and made old dog baby food.  He lapped up a good portion, and a few hours later he is acting far more like his normal self. He left his bed voluntarily today, has consumed a couple of dozen of the vanilla cupcake goldfish crackers.  He has also resumed his place (with a boost from his barely competent staff) on the furniture. It's been two weeks since he's budged from his bed voluntarily.

After making myself a cup of tea with vanilla almond milk and local palmetto honey (a fabulous combination) I suddenly wondered if honey would be good for him - he's so thin, he needs easily consumed calories, and energy that doesn't involve added fat.  The Google confirms that yes, honey is good for dogs, and in fact, it can be soothing to gastrointestinal upsets.  So guess who will get a drizzle of honey on his tablespoon of yogurt for dessert tonight?

I'm holding off on the vet for now.  We seem to have turned a corner.


KatyaR said...

Sweet baby! It sounds like you've found something that will help him be.more of his bossy old self. Give him a skritch for me.

Catherine said...

He loves his homemade baby food! He ate a huge portion tonight and is now pestering for some of my veggie burger. (No can do, sir.) His tummy is still very upset, but no vomiting, and he's very chipper again.

k said...

You're a great dog person. Glad that Murphy is back at it!

Brenda B said...

Is he bent out of shape because you went out of town? Hannah gets all pouty and demanding like that when I go away. Anyway, I'm glad he's perking up.

Catherine said...

Oh no, Brenda, he's not pouting, he's very old and having old dog issues, plus the lymphangiectasia. His issues are physical, he's actually in a good mood!

Anonymous said...

Hi Murphy! You are a great little guy. I've been in your Mom's place before- yogurt and rice and chicken and baby food are awesome- I hope you enjoy the honey too.

I feel for you- we said goodbye to our girl in December after 14 years. It's so difficult at this point to know what our friends are going through. Best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...

Although Fred the Jack Russell is as fit as the proverbial flea, his legs are SHORT and he has trouble jumping up on his 'personal' armchair.
We have positioned one half of a plastic exercise stepper in front of the chair, it boosts Fred's start for the jump by about 5". If Murphy wanted to get up on the couch while you are out earning his chicken breasts and Greek yogurt and honey, and other little luxuries (you are worth it, Murphy!) he could.
In our case the booster step saves the leather from damage if Fred has to scrabble!

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

The only step Murphy would condescend to use was a plastic knitting tub, and that was when the floor was carpeted. Now that it's a hard surface, it's not the getting up that concerns me, it's the getting down. His vision isn't that great, and I'm concerned about him either falling off, or jumping off and landing wrong, when nobody's home. He has a choice of soft, comfy beds during the day - he can rough it.