Saturday, February 21, 2015

We had a rough night.

Murphy is still with us, though I don't think this can go on much longer. He's declining so, so fast - faster than anything I've ever seen. He spent the evening glassy-eyed from the pain shot, and his eyes never left me. If I got out of sight for too long he'd whimper softly. He didn't want to be held, he wanted to stay in his little bed, and I just stayed within sight and scratched his head frequently.

 Last night I attempted to put him to bed in his usual spot on the foot of my bed, and at first I thought he'd stay there, but he woke up and cried an hour later, and stood up as if to leave. I put him on the floor and he made his way back to his little bed by the fireplace, not too steady on his feet. I followed and tucked him in with his old down-filled blanket, because that spot is drafty when the fire's out and it's a cold night.

I went back to bed and attempted to sleep.  He whimpered again. I took a pillow and blanket to the couch and dragged his little bed over next to me, so I could keep a hand on him throughout the night. That's what he wanted. We all got a couple of hours of sleep.  I woke around 2:30 and almost didn't want to check on him; he was so quiet.  I finally worked up the nerve to put a hand on his side, and felt it moving ever so slightly.

At three a.m. he had what I think was some sort of seizure - he began thrashing around in his bed, legs stiff - it only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like forever. Again, I thought that had to be IT, but he's a tough little booger and fooled me again, it passed and he was quiet again. We finally went back to sleep.

This morning he's too weak to walk. I'm giving him droppers of chicken broth, just to wet his mouth. His little tongue was hanging out all night and I can't imagine how dry that must feel. He appreciated it, and looked more bright-eyed. I tried getting him up. He's too weak to walk.

Just the night before last, he took a nice walk around the neighborhood with Sophie and me, and kept up, and appeared to be enjoying himself very much, then begged for and ate some of his beloved vanilla goldfish cookies after dinner. How could he go from that to this in less than 48 hours?   As hard as this is, I can say that he really has enjoyed his life right up to this weekend.


Karen said...

I lost my sweet Elliot last June...he was 19 and one of my very best friends. He had been on all kinds of medicines to deal with kidney issues, thyroid issues, and it seemed like any kind of cat issue he Elliot felt like throwing into the mix.

But when the end came, it was so fast it seemed like it couldn't be real, I'm thankful that he didn't seem to have extended suffering and that he wasn't alone. But even though I knew the end for him was closer than I wanted, I wasn't ready. You're never ready.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

MKH said...

I've loved all my pets so much and the end is always so hard, wishing you the best in what I know is a grim situation. Hugs to you and Murphy (and Sophie).

Faith Miller said...

I have written and deleted 2 comments because they came out just too sad and depressing.
Just know that you have many , many readers who love you, Murphy, and Sophie.
Your writing is so spot-on that I am flashing back to our own terrible time 3 years ago.
My only consolence is that these pets are so lucky that they have been so loved and cherished all their lives.

My heart is breaking for you all.

KatyaR said...

I'm so, so sorry. Poor baby. He's so lucky to have you for a mom. I know he means so much to you.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Catherine,
My heart goes out to you and to Murphy. Such a difficult time. I'm glad you are not at work today so you can be with him and give him the comfort he is asking for. I am keeping you both in the Light.


Joan said...

xxx - Joan

Anonymous said...

Although from different causes, Ace followed a similar track - slowly downhill, and at New Year Ernst and I agreed that he would probably not see out 2015.
He worsened quite sharply between the 2nd and 3rd of January, by the Sunday (4th) I decided to call the Vet first thing Monday morning. Especially after the strange episode (seizure, followed by deep unconsciousness)) he had on Sunday night.
It was amazing how quickly he 'shifted gears' from a slow decline to an 'avalanche'. Still aching for him, and will for a long time.

Love and hugs,

Gae, in Callala Bay