Sunday, March 15, 2015

Disney Hangover

Another Magic Kingdom Saturday.

My daughter has a thing for Disney in the late afternoon/evening. We arrived at 4, and got home at midnight. I couldn't fall asleep until nearly 2, and the dogs woke me at a quarter to 8. More coffee please.

It was delightful yet again. Too hot and humid for the middle of March - 88 degrees! Yikes! - but the crowd size was normal crowded, not "Oh shit we should have checked the website there was a marathon today" crowded. It was still a special Disney Day, one I'd just read about in the last week or two. It was Dapper Day.

I didn't know this was a thing, and I didn't realize how big a thing it is!  I can be excused for not knowing it was a thing as the thing wasn't created until 2011. It has grown into a THING, and I think it is adorable.

No, the entire park wasn't full of Dapper People. It was still 90% sweaty people in various levels of attire, from practical sportswear to borderline People of Walmart. But there were hundreds, maybe thousands, of fabulously dressed people, and they stood out  The Dapper People stood out, and were worth watching for. My daughter was intrigued and said she'd be willing to dress up for an event like this, and of course Delaney would adore it. I would, too. I have to admit I think it would be too much fun to do an evening at the Magic Kingdom in a cocktail dress.  I LOVED  the Dapper Day attire, and wish I had photos, but unfortunately the cutest things I saw weren't photo possible.  We were sitting in a restaurant when I looked out the window and saw a family pass by all dolled up, with little boys in strollers wearing bow ties and wee white straw hats.  The toddlers looked adorably pleased with themselves.

And the young women went all out: 50s full skirted cocktail dresses were the big thing with most of the ladies, though some went for other eras. And oh, the hats! Most didn't bother with hats or opted for small pillbox styles or large bows, but a few went all Royal Wedding.  I really wish I could have taken pictures of the best moments, but they were fleeting and not to be captured on an iPhone.  Like, when we were making our exhausted way out of the park after 10, some young people ran through the crowd across our path. A young woman was wearing a light colored, full skirted dress, and was clutching her broad brimmed white hat as she ran. She was a vision, a time traveler from another era, darting through the crowd.  It really was quite freaking cool.

We did marvel at some of those girls who opted for TOWERING heels with their fancy dresses.  You could spot the Disney veterans; those girls were wearing sturdy low-heeled pumps or ballet flats with their fabulous cocktail attire.

Dapper Day is one of those remarkable things that happened spontaneously, thanks to social media. It's not an official Disney function, they don't advertise it, but it most definitely is a big thing, and getting bigger every year, and it looks like tons of fun. I may have to do it next time.  It's just part of that Disney magic.

My daughter used one of our Fast Passes wisely, by staking out a fabulous viewing spot for the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Yes, we were that close. I took these with my iPhone.

Delaney sat on the curb, waving madly at everyone until her little arm must have been numb. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother waved back to her, which made her evening. I will spare you twenty other cell phone photos of the evening.  It was all good.

Her parents rode two roller coasters while we went on Pirates of the Caribbean. We could hardly get the little pirate out of the gift shop. She spotted Jake and Izzy dolls (Jake and the Neverland Pirates) and carried them around for a bit (at $20 apiece, Grandma was not insane enough to offer to buy them for her) and after she put them back she spotted a pirate hat and play sword, and had to spend some time modeling them.  She put everything back and left empty handed. She's there for the experience, not the stuff, which is pretty awesome.

We got home after midnight, a fact the dogs ignored. I'm running on 5 hours' sleep today,and plan to be in bed at 9.  Tomorrow is Monday. Again.


KatyaR said...

Sounds like fun! I've never been to any Disney, but it always seems like it's a three-day trek. So hearing about your day visits is fun.

(Me, today I'm celebrating buying a pair of size 12 pants--this should be a national holiday!)

Brenda B said...

Isn't Murphy's birthday in March? Hannah's is April 4th---she will be 14 next month. I haven't seen her all day---I throw a fleece blanket on the floor for her, and since it's chilly today, she has been burrowed into it since this morning. Every once in awhile, I hear a tiny snore.

Catherine said...

Whoo-hoo KatyaR! Congrats! Disney is easily a 3 or 4 day trek if you're visiting the area and want to see it all. One of the "advantages" of living here is being able to get a FL Resident pass and do these "pop in late in the day," visits. We plan ahead and set up our FastPasses for three things we really want to do, and play it by ear for the rest. It works out very well.

Catherine said...

Brenda, Murphy's birthday is the 24th! Two more days until the Old Man is officially 15.