Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Murphy!

Murphy is officially FIFTEEN today!  It was touch and go for a while there, but he's made it to this landmark birthday, and as I've said, he's still feeling pretty good and is definitely content with his life.

I've had Murphy since he was an itty bitty hamster-sized 12 week old puppy. He's a part of my world, more than a pet, almost a...roommate?  Hard to describe the role this dog has played in our family. He has never been cuddly and clingy, he's always been larger than life and full of personality and attitude.  More than one person who got to know him said, "You just start talking to him like a person because he looks you in the eye and listens and responds like a person!"  Those incredibly bright, deep brown eyes are dulled by cataracts now, he can't hear, and is of course on soft food and a special diet, like the very senior little canine he is, but the bossy little Murphydog is still present.

I put some thought into how one celebrates the birthday of a deaf, blind, toothless dog, and inspiration hit me: he's getting a small pancake for breakfast, topped with real maple syrup. He loves maple syrup!  A (frozen, microwaved) pancake birthday cake!  He'll love it. Happy Birthday to you, Bossy Little Dog.


Joan said...

Happy Birthday, little Lionheart! xx

Anonymous said...

a really special occasion- happy birthday to murphy, the wonder dog-


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Murphy!
I'm frankly amazed you made it to this. I hope the pancake was good.

Jan said...

Happy Birthday Murphy!

KatyaR said...

Basie and I wish Murphy a Happy Birthday! Our Little Timex dog is a wonder!

besshaile said...

Happy birthday, Murphy. Keep your mama in line - and bark at her the next time she complains.

WE are ever grateful that her brain thang did not take her away from us. So don't let her get away with anything.

Brenda B said...

Happy Birthday, dear Murphy! And kudos to you, Catherine. I think you are one of the best Yorkie moms ever. (Pancakes sound pretty good right now, too.)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Murphy, the Biggest Little Bossy Dog in the World,

from Fred and Spike, in Callala Bay