Sunday, March 29, 2015

Interesting Times.

Perhaps I need to commit to daily blogging in April. The Bossy Doghouse is dusty and needs a good spring cleaning. I have some rants and essays roiling around in my head, mostly revolving around how this was the year I officially started being treated like an Old Lady and it's SO annoying.

Instead, here's a summary of the week teal deer:

The walk 100K steps in March contest ended yesterday.  I participated for my own enjoyment, but didn't go through the complicated steps of taking photos of my pedometer with my phone to prove my results which wasn't part of the original, honor system rules and seemed like too much bother.  I used my old school pedometer, because while my iPhone has a nifty health app, I don't carry it in my pocket all day at work.  I hit 100K steps around day 9, and my grand total was 273,165.  I really should have hit 300,000, but a few days were very desk-bound.  The difference between steps taken on a weekend and on a work day was dramatic and glaring - I walk at least twice as much on Saturday and Sunday as I do on an average work day. it was a really good exercise (sorry) in becoming conscious of my too-sedentary cube rat work life, and now that I am aware, I am constantly seeking opportunities to get up and move during my sedentary work days.  So, though I didn't enter for the prizes (cookbooks I mostly already own, etc.) I enjoyed the contest and benefited from it.

I wrote about needing new glasses. I've been dealing with major eye strain at the end of the day lately, which is a major reason I haven't been too motivated to keep up the blog.  Last Wednesday evening I finally had an eye exam and ordered new, insanely expensive specs.  I have Special Eyes - between my extreme myopia, astigmatism and a work life that revolves around spreadsheets and fine print, I cannot get away with cheap anything in eyewear.  I have to get an expensive, high-index progressive lens, or the weight of my glasses will wear a painful red trench in the bridge of my nose within an hour.  My lenses aren't the kind they do in a one hour lab. If I'm lucky, they'll be ready at the end of this week.  But I have really good vision benefits now, as well as a health savings account to which my employer makes generous contributions, so after picking out a cute tortoiseshell frame for my full-time glasses, I spent above and beyond to order new lenses for my current frame, to use as computer glasses.  Right now, I'm constantly tilting my head and straining to see the screen, and that must cease.

Murphy went to the groomer yesterday, and his beloved Abbie clipped him close and cleaned him up, to make him comfortable in the hot summer. His hair grows so slowly now, we both kinda wondered if this would be his last haircut. His new haircut puts all his pointy little bones on display, his hipbones and the knobs on his spine aren't covered by scruffy hair now, but at the same time, he looks younger! He certainly feels better after a grooming, and seems more bright-eyed and alert.  (I'll add a picture later, I promise.)  She gave him a kiss goodbye when we were leaving, and said she hopes she'll see him again. With this little Timex Dog, who knows? He's otherwise doing pretty well! His appetite is very good the past few days.  He's clearly of the opinion that he's due to enjoy his culinary bucket list, and I can't argue with that. He's lived on a very restrictive diet for years, but now that he's both ancient and toothless,  I've been adding more people foods he enjoys in the hope of packing in a few extra calories.  He loves scrambled fat free egg substitute for breakfast, as well as a microwave pancake (or two) with real maple syrup. He's definitely happy and obviously in no pain, and it looks like he'll just keep on ticking until he doesn't want to tick anymore.

So, I haven't talked too much about the still-somewhat-new job, because I know better than to talk about my employer on the interwebs.  But I think it's safe to say this much: I kinda parachuted into another developer "situation" here. Nice people - nearly all of them are nice people and I enjoy working with them - but overall, there are things that could be better. From what I've seen, there's a lack of systems and processes and inefficient communication between departments, and this leads to a lot of earnest flailing around by very nice people. Flailing around is bad in any business, but in ours, it's insanely expensive.

Apparently the owner/founders of the company have reached the same conclusion, so the current company president is going to "pursue other entrepreneurial opportunities," and we are getting a new president.  This could be very good.  He will bring big company knowledge and methods to our small regional shop. This could also be...interesting.  I've seen this movie before, and I'd say that there's a strong possibility that after he's there a couple of months, he may start replacing people with people he's worked with before, or poach them from other big developers in the area, and start building his own team. Time will tell, but I'm going to start keeping an eye out for other opportunities. As I've said, I've seen this movie before.  This is exactly what happened at my last homebuilder employer back in 2006.  I've learned to distance myself from the Drama in the years since (a brain aneurysm is the Universe's way of telling you to learn detachment). So I'm not going to stress out about it, but will take it as it comes and consider my options, while always asking the Most Important Question: "Is this good for ME?"  The next few months certainly will be Interesting. Again. Shit.


KatyaR said...

Congratulations on your steps! Right now I'm at 254,545, but I have 3 more days LOL. And I'm in the same boat you are--I have a sit-all-day job, and it's hard for me to make time to get up without disrupting my train of thought. I do better when I can get out to get some lunch, but that doesn't happen very often. Our company culture is mostly eat at your desk or don't eat at all. (We're more than slightly crazy....)

Let's hope the haircut gives Murphy a big energy boost. I know he'll feel better. I turned the AC on for the first time last week, and it looks like we will be in the 70s most of next week as well. As long as we don't have more of that crazy storm stuff that we had Wednesday night, I will be happy. That was some bad stuff.

Have a great Sunday afternoon!

besshaile said...

Curses on you oh god of interesting - It is time you hand the baton over to the goddess of fulfillment

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you can consider this - I always get frames with the little wiggly nose pads - then pay an extra 10 or 15 dollars for a silicone 'thingy' that goes from nose pad to nose pad across the bridge of the nose and spreads the weight and pressure. A friend showed them to me on her glasses, and I refuse to do without them now.
Good for Murphy - he is keeping on, keeping on !!
Best of luck with the new management - hope you find something that suits you.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Anonymous said...

The gods of interesting certainly have your number. I've gone through year one of our new president, and he has just gotten a new boss at the parent company, so more realignment. Change, change, change is the mantra. (not that we didn’t need it). But I've gotten over it all, and I just smile and say how exciting all the new changes are, and what can I do to help. Cause aint nothing I do going to make a bit of difference.
Give Murph a smooch for me-


k said...

What the heck is "week teal deer"?