Saturday, March 21, 2015

We're All Fine.

Just a busy, hectic week at work, with a delightful break on Wednesday for what I think was food poisoning.  We had an office potluck. I have no idea what to blame, and while my boss was mildly sick, I appear to have had the worst of it.

Murphy's doing very okay. He's bright and chipper (yay, Prednisone) and while he's still ridiculously skinny and peeing on the floor too often, he's enjoying his geriatric little life, and I buy paper towels in bulk. You'd never guess he can't see much; he navigates the house just fine, and loves sniffing around in the grass on walks, etc.  But the other morning I wasn't paying attention and he walked smack into a neighbor's garbage can. He bounced off, changed direction and went on his way, like a little wind-up toy, completely unfazed. He's happy, and that's the only measure that matters.

The only other news of the week is actually quite stale. Last Sunday, my daughter went to the bathroom for five minutes, and while she was in the bathroom, Delaney found a pair of scissors and cut her own hair.  She did quite a thorough job of it, too. Thankfully, she didn't do one of those "chop one side of her hair all the way to the scalp" things that would look awful for months, but she did take off enough random layers that the only way to fix it into a real hairstyle was to go with a pixie cut.  Photos of the new 'do will follow when I see her tomorrow. She's quite happy with her new hair. Her mom is still traumatized and mourning the loss of all that beautiful, silky blonde Alice in Wonderland hair.  Grandma is glad we did the Alice in Wonderland Halloween last year, because this year she'll be looking quite different.

So that's the small and insignificant update from my little world.  And I'm so very, very thankful for my small and mundane life today. I didn't start the day feeling very thankful. I woke up feeling very blah, and very resentful that I worked a long, hard week and had nothing much to look forward to this weekend, just routine, blah, clean the house, do laundry, boring, boring life. Then the Universe smacked me and reminded me of all that I have to be grateful for, starting with, yanno, being ALIVE.

The first update I saw this morning when I flipped open my iPad was sad and shocking.. It was a semi-local news story for us, as Lisa Colagrossi worked for a local station about 15 years ago.  I remembered her name, and when I read the story, I got a cold chill: she had a brain aneurysm at work. I'd been there and did that, and I survived. She didn't.  I felt eerily close to this story because of one detail:  several news stories reported that she felt it happen, and said, "Oh my God, something is wrong."  I felt my aneurysm happen too.

I remember it distinctly: it felt like a large rubber band snapped inside my head, followed by enormous pressure that buckled my knees; I described it later as "like an elephant fell out of the ceiling."  My vision went all red, then black, yet I was still conscious. I remember my thought at the time, very, very clearly.  "Oh shit, something bad happened in my brain. Must get Dr. St. Louis to fix it."  And he did. I was very, very lucky. Oh, so very lucky.

 I'd like to say this means I never, ever bitch about anything or feel sorry for myself, ever, and take perfect care of myself and am a model of healthy living, but of course, that's not true. But right now, I'm counting my many blessings, and I am very, very blessed indeed. Message Received, Universe. Life is wonderful, even the boring cleaning the bathroom parts.


Anonymous said...

Young ladies and their hairdressing experiments: Anne did this at about the same age and gave herself a sort of one sided 'terraced' fringe. Left it like that so she could see how long it would take to grow back, as a reminder to not try that stunt again. She didn't.

Gae, in Callala Bay

KatyaR said...

Oh my, I just got a chill. What a horrible thing to realize is happening. We're glad you're still around.

Joan said...

Your Murphy and the garbage can story is sweet-- he takes a lickin' and just keeps on tickin'!

Write on, Girl!

Catherine said...

Gae, I don't think Delaney is going to repeat this - she traumatized her mom, and feels bad about it. But leaving it wasn't an option - it looked like she'd been attacked by a lunatic with a hedge clipper. :-) She's getting the same lesson on how slowly hair grows, and she's talked about wanting a ponytail again.

k said...

I think you're allowed to complain, especially since you mostly remember to be grateful.

Anonymous said...

The only way to have matched Anne's "do" up would have literally been a crew cut and there was no way she would have accepted that. The terrace fringes were cut so close to her scalp that a crew cut was the only other option.
I actually wasn't all that upset - I know most little girls, and some little boys experiment with the scissors. I just 'suggested' the crew cut, knowing exactly what her reaction would be. I would have been much more annoyed if the experiment involved a garment or upholstery!
In his later, cataract affected years, Brutus still charged around our block of land at fulll speed. He knew exactly where the front fence was, and timed his swerve to perfection. Not so lucky the time he charged around the corner of the house and ran full tilt into the wheelbarrow!

Gae, in Callala Bay