Friday, April 17, 2015

A brief segue into politics.

Hillary Clinton (former Secretary of State, former Senator) has announced she is running for President.  And my wee, tiny Facebook feed (I have fewer than 200 friends, because if I haven't actually met you or we don't know at least 15 of the same people who knit, I don't want to annoy you by asking to be your friend) has already gotten weird.

I have a couple of FB "friends" who friended me a long while back, and I said WTH - we've never met, and our only contact was in frequently "spirited" political discussions on Knitter's Review and Ravelry, (until they would pout and run away, because we were "mean" and asked for sources for their assertions, and facts to back up what they read on some right wing blog - liberals are assholes that way.) but hey, if they wanted to be friends I  was game.

I was somewhat surprised to have received friend requests, but they mostly stay away from politics on FB and when they do share something, it's easy to step over it and share funny memes and stuff about dogs.  They were following my political FB policy. I am not political on Facebook.  I don't bring it up and limit myself to liking things other people say now and then. FB is for funny stories and stuff about dogs. 

So,  after HC announced her candidacy, one of those FB "friends"  announced that "If anyone didn't want to hear about her politics, they could just unfriend her now," and went on to cite her political credentials - which were quite adorably clueless and trumpeted her education at Liberty University.  I chuckled, shook my head, and then hid her feed.  I'm sure her tirades would be, no, they wouldn't. She's going to be the little redneck kid throwing an incoherent tantrum in Walmart for the next 18 months.

Constar has been deployed. 

Rocky Mountain Mike is a freakin' national treasure, btw, his song parodies are fabulous!

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