Sunday, April 05, 2015

And How's That "Post Every Day in April" Thing Working?

First, an explanation of teal deer.  It's a shorthand response for "too long; didn't read."  Last week's summary was long and not particularly interesting unless you are truly curious about my new glasses (which haven't arrived yet, btw.)  It was a tl; dr. 

So, it's April and already as hot as June is supposed to be. We've skipped spring entirely this year.  The A/C is running furiously 24/7, the azaleas said Eff This and decided not to bother blooming because it's too damn hot, and the mosquitoes are legion.  I am eaten up with mosquito bites. If this is April, I can't wait to see what August brings. 

No Drama at work - yet - but I have a feeling some changes are coming.  I have no idea how they will affect me, but I've reactivated my job searches on various job search websites. Hedging my bets, that's me.  Can't say it isn't interesting.

Miss D and her parents came over last night because the Easter Bunny stopped by my house early. Today the dogs slept.  Sophie was in full "comatose on the couch" mode, eyes rolled up in her head, snoring like a grizzly. Murphy didn't eat much today and is sleeping a lot, but he's bright-eyed and alert when he is awake, so what will be, will be.  He's definitely happy, and that's all that matters. 

Sophie was just plain wiped out from playing all evening. She'd had a kind of uncertain relationship with Delaney when Delaney was younger.  They loved each other, but we did have a couple of minor incidents of jealous, "MY Mommy!" behavior when she felt Delaney was getting too much of my attention, which were dealt with swiftly and firmly with Sophie Put in Timeout. She would be Very Apologetic when released from jail. Those days are behind us. Delaney is now accepted as a fully functional human who can give pets and play with her and feed her cookies, they watch movies together, and they are now officially BFFs. 

Delaney can do anything with her now; last night she was sliding the big ottoman around, and Sophie leaped from the couch to the ottoman while it was in motion and rode it a couple of feet across the room.  They both found this hilarious.  Delaney does complain when Sophie wants to sit on her lap, because though she's around 12 pounds, it is like putting a 12 pound bowling ball with pointy feet on a three year old's lap.  "Ow! Sophie, MOVE! Get her off me, Grandma!"  Sophie is learning to sit NEXT to her BFF instead of crushing her with her love, and they are so cute together.

And I'm hoping my glasses show up tomorrow or Tuesday, and that they are just right from day one, and I don't have to make do with these much longer. I'm sad that the weekend is over, and I'm going to bed stupidly early.  I don't catch up on sleep on weekends; if I'm lucky I get to "sleep in" until oh, 6:30.  Old Dog Bladders Call in the pre-dawn darkness.  And so, another week begins. We'll see what transpires at the office, and elsewhere.


k said...

How funny! I know TL;DR. never thought of that as an option.
I'm glad Sophie has her special people. All for the better.

Catherine said...

I'm so sadly lazy, I didn't go for the graphic of the teal deer. Sophie has a world of special people; the cable guy had to stop by to swap out a bad remote and she fell in love with him. He was a dog person and hung around an extra 10 minutes just to chat about dogs and pet her.