Thursday, April 30, 2015

Interesting Times Continue

Murphy's still having a lot of diarrhea, and on Monday I came home to a terrible mess and stink. Although I leave potty pads in every room for the dogs' relief spots, he seldom deigns to use them.  In this case, he left multiple messes two feet from two pristine pads.  (May I say again that this flooring was the best money ever spent?)

On Tuesday I came home to another load of poop, but this time properly placed on a potty pad, and I celebrated like a game show contestant winning a new car, and praised Murphy for being Such a Good Boy. Maybe we can teach an old dog new tricks. (Or maybe he just happened to be standing in that spot when it struck.)

And this thought struck me: when the dog pooping on the potty pad is the highlight of the day, your life really, truly sucks. Something's got to change here.

As for Murphy, I've increased his meds and added a probiotic. He seems to be feeling just fine; he's bright eyed and demanding and full of himself, and he's not showing any signs of dehydration.  Let's hope this passes soon.  Mama has enough shit in her life these days.

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