Friday, April 10, 2015

It's Friday, and I'm Exhausted, and in Dire Need of FUN.

I'm starting to think this job was not a wise move. I spend a great deal of my time coding invoices, tracking down invoices, and generally acting as an accounting clerk. Meanwhile, I see things where I can add value, but I'm on the periphery of the action and my input isn't solicited and wouldn't be welcome. I wouldn't mind being a part time accounting clerk if I were sliding into a seamless, established system and invoices were just part of my job, but it's not like that. I think I know why my predecessor abandoned ship before a replacement was found. Meanwhile, I see a lot of operational things that need some TLC and attention, but that's not in my scope. My phone is blowing up over invoices. Even though holy shit they need me fixing that operational thing over there, because that just ain't right.

My boss gets it. We were on a conference call with counsel about a thing, and the lawyer was over-lawyering it to hell and back, and I finally spoke up and said (paraphrasing obviously): we can identify the parcels with specificity and also describe what we want to do in a few sentences, so why can't we draft a thing that says this and this, which is all we need to accomplish? (In the grand scheme of things, this is a really piddly issue and was not worth the energy and billable hours devoted to discussing it.) Outside counsel paused and said, yeah, we could do it that way. That's how it will be done. After the call my boss said, "You could draft something...and I just looked at him, and he said, "Oh, yeah," because he knows I don't have time either. None of us have time right now. I haven't had time to review the easements they drafted for another project. I did review one, and it made me scream a little and point out an issue to my truly incredibly smart engineer colleague, who reacted as I did, almost. He didn't actually scream a little because he's basically a Vulcan. (I love him to pieces; he's smart and quietly sardonic, and we have a good working relationship.) He read the paragraph, raised both eyebrows Spock-like, looked at me, and we were on the same page. It would be nice to change that thing, if we can.

That's why they hired me, so I can squeeze this in around coding and scanning invoices, taking calls about invoices, running down the status of invoices, and in my spare time, cleaning up an epically effed up filing system. (Constant Readers may recall that filing is right up there with scrubbing the bathroom floor with a toothbrush on my favorite things to do list.) But we do have a new president, and he's just getting a grasp of what's going on, he'll need time to figure out the path forward. That is my only positive thought right now - it may get better. OTOH, I happened to download the Craigslist and CareerBuilder apps this week (hey, they just sort of fell onto my phone) and saw a couple of jobs that are actually analytical and dirt wonk oriented. I am an analytical dirt wonk, and I think I must at least send a resume.

But right now, it's Friday night and I'm exhausted. It was a long slog of a week through a quagmire of crap, and I NEED DISNEY!

So we (it may be me, my daughter and Miss D; my son-in-law is still considering, because it WILL be hot) will do another afternoon/evening at the Magic Kingdom. Grandma needs a cleanse. Last night my insomnia roared back so bad, I couldn't fall asleep until after 11 and woke at 4, and that's AFTER a long day at work, a pleasant walk, a relaxing evening in front of the TV, a little wine AND an OTC sleep aid. Yeah. That's not okay.

What IS okay? This picture of Willa, who is approaching 3 months old:

Those are my/her father's eyes. The rest of the face is still a work in progress, but I think those are her mommy's full rosebud lips. She's bright and beautiful and awesome.


Brenda B said...

I have been looking for a job for awhile now, and was finally offered one at a local hospital. I had applied on a part-time job as an accounting assistant, and the job they offered me was full-time. That isn't so bad, but the work would consist of collecting travel debt from the doctors they contract with when they go on trips to attend the training they need for their continuing education credits. The interviewer even commented to me that many of the doctors are extremely hard to work with and hold a grudge. Over everything. I was going to take it, but after a few moments thought, I realized that I am an accountant---not some kind of repo person who wants to deal with other peoples' bitterness, anger and rage. So---I am still looking.

Willa is beautiful, but don't they ever feed that poor girl? Those arms are killing me!

My Yorkie, Hannah, turned 14 last Saturday. A friend and I have been painting ceramics every Thursday through the winter (I know, but the other ladies are fun and winter in Iowa can be mind-numbing.) Yesterday, the woman that works at the studio was glazing tiny urns for dogs and cats. I asked her what she was doing, and she said they get orders for them from the different vets in the area. I started one for Hannah---when my other Yorkie died, the vet put her in a really ugly tan urn, and I've always felt a tiny bit bad about it---she was a loving, sweet little dog, and she deserved something pretty and girly. I'm not sure how I'm going to finish Hannah's but it will be something I feel okay with.

Sorry to be so wordy---I am a chatterbox today.

KatyaR said...

The last several weeks seem to have been stressful for everyone. We just went through a surprise reorganization last week, just 3 weeks before we start a complete new business process for the entire organization. We did this a year ago also, but this time the boss decided some things had to be changed immediately for our new process to work. We're already stress over this new process, so it was not a good thing. Some positions were eliminated, new ones created, the people in the eliminated jobs can apply for the new ones, but there's a lot of tension. At least one long-term employee has had enough and has quit. So it's been a really stressful two weeks, and I'm tired, too.

No mind--today I'm going clothes shopping. I have about 6 outfits I can wear to work that actually fit me, and I need clothes and all sorts of stuff. Luckily there's a Goodwill just down the street, I've found some great buys there.

Have fun at Disney! And hang in there....

Catherine said...

Brenda: Yes, it's a pity Willa's so scrawny! ;-) The more I look at this picture, the more I see her dad as a baby.