Sunday, April 26, 2015

Twelve Hours with a Three Year Old.

Yesterday my daughter and son-in-law went to a rock music festival in Orlando. They very rarely - almost never - take any kid-free time together, so when my daughter asked if I'd keep Miss D for them, I was happy to do it. Their friends were playing early in the day, and my daughter figured they wouldn't stay all day. I planned a few hours of swimming, pizza, and 101 Dalmations, then they'd pick her up and I'd run my errands and get my weekend stuff done.

They dropped her at 10 a.m. They picked her up at 10 p.m. It's Sunday and I'm exhausted. It's been a long time since I spent that many hours one-on-one with a high energy small person.

But we had a truly fabulous day. OMG, this child is just too amazing and adorable - three and a half is so much more mature than three! Grandma will keep her anytime, but would like some warning of the length of the visit first. Had I known we'd be doing a 12 hour day, I'd have planned things a little better.

We went to the pool, where we had it to ourselves. The water was quite comfortable and not cold at all, but Miss D didn't want to swim. She announced that she was just going to "relax on the steps." (Her exact phrase.) We spent a pleasant hour near the steps. I floated in the water and went underwater on command, while she talked and talked about the pool and swimming in general: "That's the deep end over there. There's a ladder with a railing so you can climb out." She did let me hold her in the water for a bit, but every time I took even a tiny step away from the safety zone of the stairs, she told me we had to go back to the stairs. It was her first time in the pool this season, and obviously some swimming re-entry is needed. She wasn't afraid, she was just cautious, and wanted to "sit on the steps and relax." So we did.

Although no active swimming took place, she still ate half a medium pizza for lunch. FOUR slices. We did a Disney movie marathon afternoon. 101 Dalmations was followed by The Little Mermaid and The Princess and the Frog, and wrapped it up with Toy Story. She drew and colored and wrote letters while she watched; it wasn't a passive TV afternoon. She was sitting at the dining table with paper and markers when she announced she was going to write her mommy's name. I wasn't really paying attention, and just did the "That's good," thing. She called me over to see what she'd done, and I was very impressed to see that she had indeed written "Mom." Uppercase M, lower case o-m, and very neatly, too. Not too shabby for three and a half.

She fell asleep during The Princess and the Frog, and slept for about an hour and a half.

I wasn't prepared to have her for this long, so I had nothing three year old friendly on hand for dinner. We ordered from our favorite Chinese restaurant. She loves lo mein. She'll eat noodles in any form, any time.

Meanwhile, Sophie felt forced to stay awake because we had company. She started asking when the company would leave.

It was a good day, but a damn long day. She was perfectly behaved all day long; our only minor transgression was when she wrote on her own leg with a (washable) marker while she was drawing. I asked her how it happened and she said it was an accident. I asked how the "accident" looked suspiciously like a very neatly drawn heart, and she gave me the stink-eye and insisted it WAS an accident, Grandma! When I started to clean her off I found a nicely drawn flower near the heart. Another "accident?" Indignant response: "Yes!" She's just too cute.

We had a fabulous time, but it was a long day for all. Sophie has been snoring on the couch all day today, only stirring for food or a call of nature.

On the subject of nature calling, Murphy's diarrhea isn't really under control. I think we need to do another round of antibiotics. He ate a big dinner and is quite perky, but we've seen how quickly he can become dehydrated.

And tomorrow is Friggin' Monday again. I'm truly dreading the week, and that's a lousy way to live.


caroline said...

ah, crap. sending all good energy and thoughts for redeeming fun and humor amongst the shiteflowers of the work week. You WILL exeunt stage left as soon as you can.

KatyaR said...

Poor Sophie! Her mama is very brave to take 12 hours with a 3 year old!

Catherine said...

KatyaR - I didn't volunteer, my mission was changed after I agreed to participate. ;-) But it really was very easy and fun. She's a delightful kid, and that's not just Grandma saying so. Her preschool teachers love her too. Apparently she saves her worst behavior for her parents. ;-)