Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blink and you miss it.

The weekend, that is. It's Monday morning again, and the start of another week on the treadmill. It was a weekend of productivity - that is, a weekend of no fun at all. I'm already missing Disney.

I woke up yesterday morning with a burst of energy, and cleaned the house. The bathrooms are sparkling. The laundry is all done. The garbage men will wonder WTF happened here, as the trash can and recycling bins are all brimming. That's all good - my weekends of running away with Mickey Mouse had a negative effect on the housework, and a deep spring cleaning is very satisfying.

I mopped the floors thoroughly, and half an hour later, Murphy peed for the first time. He peed on the clean floors three times in all (he peed that many times outside too). Follow-up spot cleaning didn't really ruin the glory of squeaky clean, glowing floors.

He's very content, though. I did the week's supply of crock pot chicken/dog food yesterday. I cook frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the crockpot all day, until they are very tender and falling apart, and a small quantity gets chopped up over his prescription food. If he had his way, I'd cook a chicken breast for his dinner every day. He does not get his way. He's spoiled enough. But "fresh from the crock pot" chicken is definitely his favorite meal of the week. He cleaned his plate, and passed out in his little bed. God, he's so thin, I don't know how he is still alert, happy and with us, but he is.

Both dogs are getting used to mommy's morning routine, and are allowing me my time for meditation and even a little writing time before we plunge into the day. I was wrong about Headspace miscounting my meditation streak, btw. They did give me credit for not missing a day for a month, and a voucher for a free month. If you would like to try it, just be the first person to email me at bossylittledogATyahooDOTcom (replacing the AT and DOT of course). NOTE: I think you do have to formally sign up to get the one month free credit; I'm not sure. I did buy the program because I liked the sample that much, but if you aren't sure you want to give a credit card, etc., you might want to pass. You can always cancel if you don't like it, of course.

God knows what crazy this week will bring.  I need all the mental clarity I can get.


Karen said...

I always am so up for doing things when I get home (a little bit of cleaning, purging, organizing, whatever) while I'm still at work. But when I actually get home...not so much.

Craziness just seems to be in the air, it's taking all of my energy right now to just focus on keeping moving forward.

I like your idea of intentionally starting the day more slowly, I need to try that.

Catherine said...

I get up earlier than I must, just to be able to have some time to ease into the day. When I don't do that, I'm more tense and frazzled all day. And I spend random chunks of my day planning all the things I'll accomplish when I get home...and then don't do them.