Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Disney Weekend.

My son-in-law was working last night, so it seemed like a good night for Delaney to take Mom and Grandma to Disney for Mother's Day. So we went.

New things of this visit: Dinner at the Columbia Harbor House. Walk-up service, decent food. The best part about it is a quiet upstairs dining area. You can eat downstairs and outside, but upstairs gets less traffic. Take that tray upstairs.

The BEST NEW THING (for us, it's been around forever): Mickey's Philharmagic. I can't believe that I've walked past this so many times, and now I want to do it regularly. I want to make it a THING we do, because I LOVED IT.

Delaney adored it from start to finish. She was excited that we were "going to a concert," and wore her special glasses with care. She was absolutely enraptured from the moment the curtain raised, and reached out to grab the 3D images (we were concerned she would grab the head of the guy in the row in front of us). I won't spoil the show for anyone who hasn't seen it but Delaney got so involved she shouted out to Donald Duck at the end, which made everyone around us laugh, and the woman next to my daughter call her adorable. It's reallyreally good, and you don't need to spend a Fastpass on it; the wait is never that long.

It was a relatively leisurely Magic Kingdom visit. We arrived around 4, and left after the fireworks at 10. We did enough, but didn't cram in that much. We did have passes for the fireworks show reserved space in front of Cinderella's Castle, and honestly, I'm not sure they were worth it. The view is just as good outside the Fastpass reserved area. But it was worth it for one reason: Delaney finally believed that her mother wasn't full of shit, and Tinkerbell really does fly from the castle.

The last couple of times we watched fireworks we were not in front of the castle. Protip: if you want to see Tink fly, you HAVE to be in front of the castle, and when facing the castle, try to be on the right-hand side for the best view. We were so afraid we'd missed her while getting ice cream, but now we know that she doesn't fly in the pre-show. She actually flies after the first volley of fireworks. This is not an animation or a projection; it's a live Tinkerbell in a sparkling lighted costume, riding a very well concealed zipline from the top of the castle to the roof of the Tomorrowland Terrace while waving and blowing kisses to her fans. Delaney did not believe she would actually see Tinkerbell fly. Our many visits to the park this year managed to miss it, until last night. Mom's credibility score has been restored! Tinkerbell FLEW!

After the fireworks, Delaney expressed a tired and half-hearted interest in riding the Peoplemover, but in the next breath asked that mom recline the back of the stroller. She was OUT.

I wish the dogs appreciated my late night last night, but today I'm again running on barely survival level sleep. Going to bed at 9, I am.

Today I Facetimed with the NC granddaughters, and Willa was so excited by the experience of talking to her Florida Grandma, she barfed! No, really! She was watching my face on the iPad with such intensity, lunging forward in an attempt to suck on it, she...erupted. It was her first time on Facetime; I'm sure she'll get used to it.

So, tomorrow is Monday again, and I kinda want to cry. Last night was almost certainly, barring an extreme event, my last Disney trip until Fall. And tomorrow is Monday, and that alone is enough to make me want to cry. I am blessed, I know I am. I am very, very blessed. And still, I toss myself a pity party on Sunday night, knowing it's ridiculous. I need to slap myself.


Brenda said...

Remember "The Wonderful World of Disney" on TV? We watched it every Sunday night. When I was about three or four, we went to CA to visit my aunt. Just before we went, there was an episode promoting Disney Land on WW of D, and it showed Tink "flying." So when we watched the fireworks at Disneyland, I kept telling my mom she would fly, and she didn't believe me until we saw it. That was also the first time I met Mickey Mouse---I still have the picture---I was excited beyond words. I remember that my mom told him that I came all the way from Iowa just to meet him and he shook my little hand and gave me a hug.

Catherine said...

Yes! OMG, I lived for Wonderful World of Disney" as a child! I love that your mom was the unbeliever - Delaney was totally skeptical until last night, and then she shrieked with excitement, "IT'S TINKERBELL! SHE'S FLYING!!!" She was so thrilled!

It really is an amazing effect. I actually was trying to look for the zipline beforehand, because we weren't sure she flew as part of this new show, and I couldn't see it! It's a very stealthy zipline now!