Wednesday, June 17, 2015

And boss quit today.

His last day is Friday. Once again, I can't get too detailed, but I will say that this wasn't a shock. I had suspected this was coming for a few weeks, I just didn't know how quickly it would happen. And I guess we were due for another shuffle of the executive staff; it had been several weeks since the last abrupt exit. But his last day is FRIDAY, as in "the day after tomorrow," because his new company wants him to fly out to corporate HQ on short notice, and if you are salaried, two weeks is a courtesy you aren't obligated to give. (I'm salaried too, though my title contains the word "assistant," which is a subject for a whole other discussion.) So, Really Smart Engineer Guy (love him to pieces - dry sense of humor, no bullshit, shared sense of WTF are we doing in this circus - we get along just fine) and I will be left holding many millions of dollars of ticking time bombs in various bags. Awesome. This is going to be a new adventure. Versus the nice, sane job I could do until retirement. Yeah.

Last night, before I came in today to find that my intuition was accurate, I dreamed that I took some time off work. Just a couple of days, that's all I get (don't get me started on vacation days offered by the average American employer, compared to the rest of the world). I had no plans, no fancy destination, but I was so excited just to NOT BE IN THAT PLACE for a couple of days, I was incredibly excited and felt FREE! I am listening to my subconscious, honest I am. I'm taking a couple of days off at the end of the month. I'm giving myself a long weekend around my birthday, then the following weekend is the 4th of July holiday. Two long weekends in a row sound like the height of luxury right about now. I put in for those two stinking vacation days, and if anyone gives me any shit about taking them, I really will quit.

I don't even care if I go anywhere. I have a pool a few steps outside my door, the beach less than an hour away, and a lot of things right here in town that I never have time to do. A morning shopping trip to Trader Joe's is a rare treat for me. A friend is taking me to dinner for my birthday, and we joked about how we will try a restaurant outside our usual orbit. One of the odd results of living in the middle of everything is there is little need to get more than four miles from the house to eat out or shop. It's easy to slip into life of running around fixed tubes, like a hamster, and never even notice.

Murphy's back to picky eating and liquid poop, but he's comfortable. He just keeps on ticking.

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