Tuesday, June 09, 2015


My drive through DeLand left me with mixed feelings. It's definitely the kind of small town that has always appealed to me, with older homes on tree lined streets. I spent an hour or so exploring, driving past houses I saw online, etc. Moving there is something to think about, someday. I'm going to make more random trips in that direction, now and then, and check it out more thoroughly, because I still think it may be an affordable option for semi-retirement.

Then I came home and went for a late afternoon swim. I had our neighborhood pool all to myself, and spent 30 minutes treading water and floating, thinking about nothing. I felt so relaxed afterward, it was amazing. Wherever I move next, access to a pool is not optional. We had a house with a pool when the kids were growing up, and I am not afraid of pool maintenance - I never thought it was a big chore - but a community pool is even easier. Few of those charming downtown houses have pools, and a community pool means living in a newer subdivision with a homeowners' association and amenities. Charm vs. convenience, just one of the many elements of this decision. Good thing I don't have to make it for quite a while.

Right now, my focus needs to be on the here and now. I have a tendency to be restless and dissatisfied with what I have, and am always looking for something different/better. I know this about myself, and when I see myself doing it I have to reel myself in. I do need a long range plan for semi-retirement. I know from my financial situation that I'll always be working, at least part time, and it's time to at least start outlining a plan, but I need to take my time.

Meanwhile, a random conversation with a new employee at the office made me feel better, at least saner, about my job situation. There's an old guard/new people phenomenon at work - the old guard just accepts the "way we do things," carries a lot of information around in their heads, and doesn't think it's odd that there is so little interdepartmental communication and no systems. The new people are just boggled by how hard it is to get anything done, and we started joking about planning a revolution, and introducing the old guard to the concept of checklists and systems and procedures. It's odd how shared frustration made us all feel better. It didn't fix anything, but just knowing "It's them, not us," helps.

Meditation honestly does help too. I have another voucher for a free month of Headspace, if anyone is interested. Email me at bossylittledogATyahooDOTcom if you'd like to try the program.

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Liz said...

My employer is very similar in the old guard vs. new guard, written culture vs. oral culture. We've gotten so much better in the 6 years I've been there, but there's still a while to go. So know that it isn't just you or your industry! (I work in libraries/higher education...so about as opposite an industry as you can get.)